Spring Affirmation Week 6

Tools to dig deep into the transformative energy available in connection with this season!


By acknowledging and accepting personal truth, 

I claim my self-presence.

Mindful Moment:

What do I notice about myself? 

Am I tired?

Does my back hurt?

Am I conscious of the food going into my mouth?

Self-presence begins within the foundation of my awareness.

Self-presence begins in my awareness of my body, my mind, my heart.

Self-presence is awareness of both struggle and accomplishment, of disappointment and dream.

To claim my Best Self, I nurture self-presence as the fountain of my soul’s expression.

To claim my Best Self, I am present to me, now.

Spark Notes: writing prompts to spark reflection and contemplation

I know I am not present to myself when …

I feel resistance to self-awareness because …

My heart fears this awareness …

I worry I am not good enough because …

I will claim the need to consider restoring myself in these ways …

In this moment, I can claim these facets of my self-presence …

Weekly Quote:

Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life.


The Transformative Energy of Spring

As the sun shifts in the sky and begins to warm the toes of all roots, the energy of Spring moves forward from the energy of Winter.

Winter dreams lay the groundwork for the emergence of Spring’s warmth.

Sun and moon are moving toward a balance which supports the transformative energy of Spring: CLAIM.

Think of the motion of the daffodil and the tulip. In Spring, their emergence establishes a fullness through a claim of all possibility. This dynamic claim resists the urge to hold back, to be less than even in small ways.

In Spring, self learns of outdated habits and beliefs. Instead of running or denying, Spring offers the chance to claim the acknowledgement and release as heart-felt truth.

Spring energy shines light to warm the blood and support flow on all levels of body, mind, heart, and soul.

Now is the time to bloom, to allow the dreams of Winter to excite and ignite.

Think of uncovering, of emergence into the light to claim all of you.

What do I mean by your Best Self? 

My Best Self: A Declaration and a Commitment

Spring Affirmation Week 6 is from my book:

Spring: Claim Your Best Self

Dates of coming Seasonal Transitions at Equinox and Solstice

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