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Two Paths for You!

In my work as a Spiritual Guide and in helping folks find themselves within their soul’s illumination, I offer two primary paths.

Here are the major starting points for each path:

Akashic Records

The Soul’s Spiritual Practice

Everything Akashic Records

Everything I have on my website is linked on this page!


What are the Akashic Records?

This is the beginning of my story — the story I share when someone asks me:¬† What are the Akashic Records?


Akashic Records: Three Definitions

With 20 years of experience, first I offer my elevator speech definition!


Spiritual Practice

As Soul Illumination on Your Path

Spiritual 365

Daily Deep Dive Into Your Best Self!


What is Spiritual Practice?

The tools of your soul’s inner work!


Five Steps of the Spiritual Journey

The Call, Preparation, Initiation, Transformation & Integration.


More Starting Points

I love to write and explore and share!

Each of the following pages are collections to help you find your way

through the forests and plains of my exploration and teaching.


Sometimes my muse sings poetic and I dance to keep up!

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I love to get outside and explore the forest and the beach and the mountain top!
A hike is the perfect place to learn about my self.

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Cheryl’s Books

Both in print and digital formats, here’s information about each with links to find your own copies.

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Affirmations help create a new, positive inner voice dedicated to supporting the new You.

Fifty-two weeks of Affirmations for Soul Healing

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Energetics of Being

a brief inquiry into flow, balance and well being

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