Step Into the River

Step Into the River has been one of most favorite affirmations — one that came to me many years ago. I like to share it with anyone who is feeling stressed, pushed, battered. Life can be so relentless at times. You feel like you are constantly having to find a way to not get pushed over. For me this affirmation helps me release, helps me flow like a river.

I hope you find support with this simple set of sentences!

A friend of mine, Isabel, was going through a tough time at work because, as a nurse, she was witness to death and dying and the staggeringly devasting effects on friends and family.

She told me she was having a tough time with two conflicting issues.

One was not carrying the emotional energy of all the people she interacted with.

While at the same time, not wanting to present to her patients and their relatives as heartless or disinterested.

After using this affirmation for a week, she told me that she was able to release her burden and her sense of uber-responsibility.

“I saw myself as a river able to witness and release just as a river might do as it flows.”

This is Isabel’s affirmation:

I step into the river and lay my body down.

I step into the river and let my soul go free.

I step into the river and the river is me.

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