Step Past Your Resistance

Let us start today by discussing resistance. This is a natural feeling within all beings as it is the natural reaction to the natural flow of life.

Life has its own rhythm, balance and flow. As humans interact with Life, your own natural rhythms, balances and flows sometimes bump, sometimes flow, sometimes collide with Life. In the collision human beings most often interpret the collision as a sign that something is off, wrong, out of kilter with either Life, others, or themselves. As humans become more conscious of this process, you think, “OK, I’ll live my life in such a way that collision doesn’t happen.” This is a reaction that chooses resistance. The logic is that by resisting or avoiding collision, life will flow more smoothly, be more comforting, more pleasing. The result is living life by avoiding Life. This creates dependence on resistance and avoidance as they become habit, a way of life. For most of you this dependence has permeated your being so deeply and so profoundly, that it is very difficult to see or feel that not only did you choose to live life in resistance, but that you have the opportunity make a choice NOW to live differently.

Let’s start back at the beginning: Life has its own rhythm, flow and balance. Humans each have their own individual rhythm, flow and balance. Living life is about humans interacting, integrating, and colliding with Life’s flow. This interaction is made up of every type of action and experience you can think of including peace, satisfaction, passion, joy, upsets, disappointments and collisions. There is no point resisting even a part of what Life has to offer because Life will be what Life is, fully and completely. Your resistance to even a part of Life sets up resistance to all of Life and, even more importantly, interferes with your ability to be fully and completely who you are. The powerful, empowering choice is fullness, wholeness, totality. Choosing only comfort, only the tolerable, the safe never guarantees there won’t be collisions. It only guarantees that the feelings and the results of the collision and resistance will have to go underground or find a different path to get your attention. Since external conflict is always a result of inner turmoil, you can see first hand how resistance channels collisions into other venues hoping to catch your attention.

Joy in life comes from embracing Life’s totality, the good, the bad, the ugly, the challenge, and the safety. Step up for yourself, past your resistance, and claim the wholeness of your life!

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