Spring Affirmation Week 1 by Cheryl Marlene

Spring Affirmation Week 1

Spring Affirmation Week 1 Tools to dig deep into the transformative energy available in connection with this season! Affirmation: By acknowledging and accepting personal truth, I claim the hard bits of my life. Mindful Moment: Times are tough. Running away is not helpful. Neither is denial nor pretending ignorance. Tough as it is, I look …

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Step Into the River by Cheryl Marlene

Step Into the River

Step Into the River has been one of most favorite affirmations — one that came to me many years ago. I like to share it with anyone who is feeling stressed, pushed, battered. Life can be so relentless at times. You feel like you are constantly having to find a way to not get pushed …

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Being of Love, Light, and Joy by Cheryl Marlene

Being of Love, Light, and Joy

Affirmation for Love Worthy Lesson #1 Love is the primary essence of you. When you are open to love, your heart is open and you feel connection with yourself and with All That Is. When you don’t feel worthy of love, you are at a remove from the flow of life, out of resonance, out …

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Weekly Affirmation: In my full power, my heart is safe. by Cheryl Marlene

In my full power, my heart is safe.

The pain and trauma of life can have many effects including a tender, hurt heart you feel compelled to protect. Protection often takes the form of shielding and pulling back your heart from further harm. Interestingly, this effort is also accompanied by the idea that your full power makes it more likely your heart will …

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Despite the unknown, I can trust myself. by Cheryl Marlene

Despite the unknown, I can trust myself.

When trust is difficult, you will feel it necessary to try to anticipate or determine the future. In the effort to know, you will let go of this moment and pushed into the future, trying to get the future to give up her secrets. However, in this moment, the future exists in the unknown. The …

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