Structure of an Akashic Record Reading by Cheryl Marlene

Structure of an Akashic Record Reading

In early monastic traditions, the lectio divina was the reverential reading aloud of scripture or holy text. The Reader listened with body and mind, heart and soul, allowing the energetic spiritual resonance of the words to open awareness to the presence of divinity within and without. The act of uttering sacred words with deeply meditative … Read more

Your Question is Your Question by Cheryl Marlene

Your Question is Your Question

Everything comes from the Akashic Records comes through intention. Within an Akashic Record Reading, questions are how intention is expressed. The question doesn’t need to be any more than “I have this issue and want to know more?” There are no right questions or wrong questions. Your question is your question. Information vs. ProcessThere is, … Read more

Why Do I Feel Stuck?

From the Akashic Records Here is a great example of the type of Akashic Record Reading Cheryl offers to folks privately, one-on-one. In this clip, Cheryl is working with a woman in her 40s who is trying to make sense of her life and how she can move forward in life. Here’s the full discussion … Read more

What is Karma?

From the Akashic Records Cheryl asked in the Akashic Records about karma. The response pointed in the direction of understanding that with the agreement changes on Earth, personal action is about choice in this moment rather than what you think you might have to decide based on the past. Here’s the full response: