Weekly Question: How Can I Feel Peace Within

Weekly Question: How Can I Feel Peace Within by Cheryl Marlene

Anticipation which melts into worry will keep you from peace and calm. Expectation which creates artificial limits will hold you back from exploring possibility. Disappointment, misunderstanding, anger, frustration—all of these will make peace difficult. Looking from the outside-in, the answer may indicate to move away from upset. However, moving away doesn’t eliminate. Instead move towards … Read more

Being Human and Angry Yet Letting Go

Being Human and Angry Yet Letting Go Cheryl Marlene

Is it true that we are spiritual beings having human experience? Over the last couple thousands of years, that’s true. However, things are changing. We are starting to learn to live our lives from a point of integration between who we are spiritually and who we are physically. The belief has been that the deepest … Read more

The Heat of Anger

The Heat of Anger by Cheryl Marlene

Anger comes when there is a dissonance between the realization of intention and the expected path of the intention. In other words, anger can emerge when what is expected is not what happens. All action happens within the infinite possibility of the infinite and eternal which is always way beyond what is known or can … Read more

What is Anger?

What is Anger by Cheryl Marlene

Energetically the flow of Anger has many sources. Generally, anger is a flood of the nervous system generated by the Critical Voice and Ego within the heat of judgment. In a sense, anger is a system overload of judgment. Judgment is a condemnation and a stepping away from love’s attention, a refusal to see or … Read more

Affirmations for Anger

Intense, feeling uncontrollable, the emotion of anger pushes at places I’d rather leave alone. But that’s why it pushes because anger is almost always a symptom of another emotion or experience which I am ignoring or unaware. Anger’s strength is enough to attempt to deny. I am not well-trained to handle strong urgent feeling which … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #32

I am no longer afraid to give attention to my anger. The point is not to make anger go away. The intention is to learn to not let anger take me over. The powerful feelings appear overwhelming, pushing in directions of response which feel out of control and harmful. Anger unleashed without conscious intent can … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #31

In my anger, I find the gift of self-understanding.   When resistance to feeling angry is reduced, it is easier to create space to examine the roots and branches of anger. Part of anger is a habitual response. Another part of anger is a reasonable reaction to a frustrating or vexing situation. And the most … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #30

I understand anger is a symptom of something bothering me.   Anger has reasons. Anger is connected to deeper emotion. Anger can hide the truth of feelings. When anger shuts me down, then whatever is behind is shut down as well. When I feel angry, simply ask, “Why? Why in this moment am I responding … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #29

I no longer hold back expressing my emotion.   Stuffed feelings and ignored emotion create pressure and tension within body, mind and heart. This tension pushes for release and left unattended can develop into trauma and physical expression. As negative emotion is not brought forward, all feeling can begin to back up, resulting in numbness … Read more

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