Being Human and Angry Yet Letting Go Cheryl Marlene

Being Human and Angry Yet Letting Go

Is it true that we are spiritual beings having human experience? Over the last couple thousands of years, that’s true. However, things are changing. We are starting to learn to live our lives from a point of integration between who we are spiritually and who we are physically. The belief has been that the deepest …

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The Heat of Anger by Cheryl Marlene

The Heat of Anger

Anger comes when there is a dissonance between the realization of intention and the expected path of the intention. In other words, anger can emerge when what is expected is not what happens. All action happens within the infinite possibility of the infinite and eternal which is always way beyond what is known or can …

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What is Anger by Cheryl Marlene

What is Anger?

Energetically the flow of Anger has many sources. Generally, anger is a flood of the nervous system generated by the Critical Voice and Ego within the heat of judgment. In a sense, anger is a system overload of judgment. Judgment is a condemnation and a stepping away from love’s attention, a refusal to see or …

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Best Affirmations for Anger

Drawing from my experience and my writing, here are four best affirmations for Anger. On Anger Intense, feeling uncontrollable, the emotion of anger pushes at places I’d rather leave alone. But that’s why it pushes because anger is almost always a symptom of another emotion or experience which I am ignoring or unaware. Anger’s strength …

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