In Presence by Cheryl Marlene

In Presence

After 20 years of experience with the Akashic Records, I still seek out Readings for myself. Why? Simple. Presence. When someone opens my Records for me, I am free to show up for me within the presence. Presence in the Akashic Records is often overlooked when the need to know becomes painfully intense. This pressing … Read more

Liminal Awareness

The Threshold of Liminal Awareness

Limen, from Latin: threshold Liminal. At the threshold. In the space between being and becoming. Moving past what is, not quite to what will be. In the Liminal, there is all and there is nothing. All possibility, no creation, not yet. In the Liminal, there are no rules, standards, or expectations. Absent are requirements, codes, … Read more

A View From the Boundlessness

As I look around me, I see nothing but wide open ocean.? An ocean of possibility.? I am in and of the boundlessness. In the very first moment of viewing, I gasp with a bit of dismay.? And then I realize I am here with intention.? I am here because this is me.? I am … Read more