Balance IS by Cheryl Marlene

Balance IS

Balance Is. This is one of the most powerful ideas from my Akashic Records. Balance is not something you have to push hard to make happen. Instead, stop. Take a step back. Assess. Where is balance in this moment? Something may need to be let go. Something else may require the realization that expectation is …

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Despite the unknown, I can trust myself. by Cheryl Marlene

Despite the unknown, I can trust myself.

When trust is difficult, you will feel it necessary to try to anticipate or determine the future. In the effort to know, you will let go of this moment and push into the future, trying to get the future to give up her secrets. However, in this moment, the future exists in the unknown. The …

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Balance and Resistance by Cheryl Marlene

Balance and Resistance

Balance Is. From the perspective of All That Is, looking from Non-Physical Reality, Balance is always. Balance describes the natural state of energy within its motion, intention and knowing. Balance is manifested from these three characteristics and is the result of energy and its flow. Balance is the intention All That Is holds for all …

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Finding Healing Balance by Cheryl Marlene

Finding Healing Balance

Most often external conflict is about identifying within that which no longer serves you and is ready to be released. Conflict seen in this light can be embraced as a powerful avenue for change and seeking balance, actually two sides of the same coin of the inner healing balance.