My Heart’s Truth is in Alignment with the Beauty of My Soul

My Hearts Truth by Cheryl Marlene

When you stand quietly and listen to your heartbeat, feeling blood pumping, and acknowledging that all is working, you are beginning to acknowledge your beauty. Beauty isn’t about standards. Beauty is not judged nor scored. Beauty is simply the expression of authenticity aligned with balance and the beat of your heart. Beauty is essence expressed … Read more

How do I underestimate the beauty of my soul?

Weekly Question: How do I underestimate the beauty of my soul?

Each day I have the honor to witness the soul’s beauty. Every time I open the Akashic Records for someone, I stand in awe. The soul’s beauty is breathtakingly beautiful. Like a diamond reflecting light, the soul shines with humble awareness, within transcendent awareness. The soul has deep capacity to engage with the world in … Read more

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