My Edges

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From the Summer of 2015 Edges.Recently I?ve been meeting with my edges. Some are newly introduced, others have appeared for re-audition. All meetings have reminded me of their usefulness in defining boundary and that wishy-washiness is a state to be sidestepped when possible.Edges. For clarity and depth. Edges. For evaluation and understanding.Let me step to my [...]

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Human Nature: An Exploratory

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I've been hiking a lot lately which has me wading through hike descriptions, learning a new lingo. The exploratory hike is an adventure that is new to the hike leader. Either never hiked the chosen path or deciding to attempt it in a new way, the leader is signaling an unfamiliarity with the [...]

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Contradiction as Possibility for Dynamic Choice

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Life is always borne upon seeming contradictions: good and bad, simplicity and complexity, clarity and ambiguity. Life finds motion as energy in the resolution of contradiction because in truth from the soul's perspective there is no contradiction but balance.

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The Pressure of Fear

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One of the most insidious aspects of Fear is that it pushes us to do exactly the opposite of what will bring us relief and a perspective for powerful action. In other words, fear pushes us to act out of fear, to act because we are afraid. Fear wants us to blindly accept the terror of an only imagined future. Fear hopes to dupe us into acting against our best interests. Fear goads us into acting from aversion.

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Blueprint for Action

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Q. What can I do to improve the conditions of my physical environment? A. In short, first align your being and then allow your actions to flow from the balanced center of your alignment. Here are the steps.

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Step Past Your Resistance

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Let us start today by discussing resistance. This is a natural feeling within all beings as it is the natural reaction to the natural flow of life. Life has its own rhythm, balance and flow. As humans interact with Life, your own natural rhythms, balances and flows sometimes bump, sometimes flow, sometimes collide with Life. In the collision human beings most often interpret the collision as a sign that something is off, wrong, out of kilter with either Life, others, or themselves.

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