The Release of Relief by Cheryl Marlene

The Release of Relief

Two months ago, I had a three-hour conversation with my daughter which significantly changed both of our lives. Move. We decided to move. Not down the block. Or across town. Nope. Our choice was halfway across the country. From Oregon to Oklahoma. We agreed to work toward being in a new location by the end …

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Party of One by Cheryl Marlene

Party of One

I’ve done something really huge for myself. I’ve put me first. Usually, I defer to other, giving them the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t seek to understand. No. I’m saying that my default position is to give up on what I want in the face of trouble on the other …

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Choose You by Cheryl Marlene

Choose You

You can’t choose me until you choose you.  That’s what stands before you: you.  And choice. To be at choice with me requires that you choose you. I see the hesitation born from a life time of conciliatory gestures which have slowly killed you within the intimacy of the sacred relationship which you should have …

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Calming the Energy of Disbelief

This is the energy of disbelief: you standing on the edge of concern, worry or fear. Disbelief wants to convince you that your worry, fear, concern will come true eventually. Disbelief reaches in and hooks your heart, pushing you to let go of self, of center, of balance. Disbelief wants you to dash your own hopes, your own dreams so that it can guide your life away from your heart.

I Became a Pluviophile by Cheryl Marlene

I Became a Pluviophile

Sitting at the back door of my college dorm. That?s the day I joined the ranks. I remember clearly I was on my way to the library on a Saturday afternoon. As I stepped out the door, the wind caught and slammed the door against the wall. I looked up into the sky catching the swirling gray-green of thunder clouds and the warm wet scent of approaching turbulence. Damn! I thought. It?s going to rain.