Learning to Live in Connection

Learning to Live In Connection-Out by Cheryl Marlene

Here’s a confession: Sometimes I feel lonely. Over the years, I’ve thought about why. I have even asked my Akashic Records why on several occasions. Here’s what I’ve come to: I’m a serious, self-responsible person deeply interested in EVERYTHING – especially the philosophical, the intellectual, and the spiritual. (I’m also a totally light-hearted person who … Read more

Connection is the Way Past Fear

Connection is the Way Past Fear by Cheryl Marlene

I am not independently wealthy and I am thinking neither are you. As the world dives into the dictum of social distancing, I find myself looking for ways to stay in contact and lean into connection. I already live by myself and work from home so for me components of seclusion are not new to … Read more

Gratitude for Connection Not Perfection

Gratitude for Connection not Perfection by Cheryl Marlene

As the year draws to a close, time to turn my attention towards the new year. I am beginning by first taking an attitude of gratitude to my life this past year. Thinking about what I’ve done, where I’ve traveled, friends and events along the way, I want to first remember and then I want … Read more

The Spiritual Practice of Peace as Connection

The Spiritual Practice of Peace as Connection by Cheryl Marlene

For me peace does not mean the end of conflict. For me peace is the ability to connect. I do not want a world where we all single-mindedly agree on each topic. How boring! For me peace comes in knowing that when conflict arises, we can talk with the person we are in conflict with … Read more

Ganesha, Obstacles, Connection, and Truth

Ganesha, Obstacles, Connection, and Truth by Cheryl Marlene

In Indian mythology, Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, is the remover of obstacles. Chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha, can be a powerful practice for releasing obstacles of all kinds, both external and internal.   In India, the image of Ganesha is placed above the door, especially the main entrance to a home, as protection … Read more

I Create Connection

I Create Connection by Cheryl Marlene

Life is all about the connections you create within yourself and with all which exists beyond you. Connections happen across every aspect of life, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Connection is relationship. Connection freely extended increases your ability to receive from others. This affirmation invokes intention for boundless, unlimited connection which supports the best you … Read more

Claim Your Connection: A Message From Mother Earth

Today I want to speak of connection. I feel all of humanity searching for connection. Wherever you may be in your journey, all humans seek to uncover and learn who they are and why they are here. I, too, have this search, this need for understanding.

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