Ask to Receive

  Often when we think of asking for divine assistance, we focus on what we want to ask FOR. In doing so, we can close down our ability to open, allow and receive. To get beyond FOR, the challenge is to turn attention to the larger context of ASK. When seeking divine assistance, Ask to …

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Dating Rumi in the Kitchen by Cheryl Marlene

Dating Rumi in the Kitchen

I?ve recently had a change of location from the dance floor to the kitchen. Which is to say that I have changed my approach to this motion in my life called online dating. Why? Well ?.. new energy in me seeks a new metaphor for this my sacred search.

For much of the last 18 months I?ve done the online dating routine seeing myself engaged in a dance of sorts. The swaying rhythm of this back and forth motion has always had the feeling of dance: lead, follow, step, step, quick step, slow. Sometimes wallflower, though occasionally he and I make it to the dance floor for a slow waltz — even a couple of sizzling hot Salsas.