Gratitude for Connection not Perfection by Cheryl Marlene

Gratitude for Connection Not Perfection

As the year draws to a close, time to turn my attention towards the new year. I am beginning by first taking an attitude of gratitude to my life this past year. Thinking about what I’ve done, where I’ve traveled, friends and events along the way, I want to first remember and then I want …

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Gratitude as Active Awareness by Cheryl Marlene

Gratitude as Active Awareness

To give thanks is an active process of awareness. Thankfulness comes from a feeling of connection. Taking a moment to acknowledge thankfulness helps establish awareness of connection. At one point in my journey, my Akashic Records defined gratitude as the active process of acknowledging the divine spark within ALL. When heart is open to joy, …

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Attitude of Gratitude by Cheryl Marlene

Attitude of Gratitude

In the last 3 or 4 weeks, I have been thinking a lot about where I have been in my life in the last year and in the last six years.  I have been contemplating the whole flow and thinking about all that I can do now that I couldn’t or didn’t do six years …

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