Building Prince Charming

Building Prince Charming by Cheryl Marlene

As a writer, sometimes I write to entertain myself and have fun. The following piece is just simple fun. Enjoy! Once upon a time there was little girl who was very happy. She loved chasing butterflies, splashing in puddles in her rain boots, and blowing dandelions. But more than anything she loved sitting in her … Read more

Affirmations for Happiness

Affirmations for Un Happiness by Cheryl Marlene

Happiness is not a thing or a goal, and can come and go within the unexpected motions of life. Happiness is a choice in how I interpret the conditions of my life. Happiness is a state of being where I am excited about me now and what I can become in the next moment. An … Read more

WeeklyAffirmation #44

I live my life happily aligned with the truth of my soul. The truth of my soul is in constant motion as I live and grow and experience life. Alignment is an experience of resonance in the moment. Alignment emerges and I feel vital, centered, grounded — full of well-being, ready to face the next … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #43

I happily live the life I create for myself.   Why show up in my life with negative thoughts and beliefs? More negativity. I can release whatever pushes my life toward negativity. This isn?t about never feeling negative, distressing emotion. This is about not getting bogged down in the mire of misery. Nor is it … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #42

My happiness is my responsibility. Whatever is happening in my life, how I choose to respond is my responsibility. I don’t have control over the motion of the world around me. But I do have choice in this moment on my behavior, my response, my action. As choice fuels happiness, happiness blooms within the clarity … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #41

I willingly let go of all blocks to experiencing true happiness in my life.   Make a list: What makes me happy? For everything on this list, add whatever I perceive as an obstacle for each item. Now look at each obstacle and ask myself: Is this block truly worth my happiness? Letting go of … Read more

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