My Heart’s Truth is in Alignment with the Beauty of My Soul

My Hearts Truth by Cheryl Marlene

When you stand quietly and listen to your heartbeat, feeling blood pumping, and acknowledging that all is working, you are beginning to acknowledge your beauty. Beauty isn’t about standards. Beauty is not judged nor scored. Beauty is simply the expression of authenticity aligned with balance and the beat of your heart. Beauty is essence expressed … Read more

My Mind Finds Peace in the Truth of My Heart.

Weekly Affirmation: My Mind Finds Peace in the Truth of My Heart. by Cheryl Marlene

When I embrace my life’s upsets instead of pushing them away, I find I can create a path of peace for myself. When I push upset away and tried to ignore my feelings, then the upset digs deeper to find entry. The upset hangs on and pulls me down—until I acknowledge its presence. Accepting upset … Read more

In my full power, my heart is safe.

Weekly Affirmation: In my full power, my heart is safe. by Cheryl Marlene

The pain and trauma of life can have many effects including a tender, hurt heart you feel compelled to protect. Protection often takes the form of shielding and pulling back your heart from further harm. Interestingly, this effort is also accompanied by the idea that your full power makes it more likely your heart will … Read more

Building Prince Charming

Building Prince Charming by Cheryl Marlene

As a writer, sometimes I write to entertain myself and have fun. The following piece is just simple fun. Enjoy! Once upon a time there was little girl who was very happy. She loved chasing butterflies, splashing in puddles in her rain boots, and blowing dandelions. But more than anything she loved sitting in her … Read more

My Heart Shift of Loneliness

There are moments when the feeling of being alone reaches down into the tail end of my spine with a soreness of too much exertion.? I take a long, slow, deep breath to calm my BEing.? But before I can respond the sensation hits my heart and single tears trace paths down my cheeks.? In … Read more

My Edges

From the Summer of 2015 Edges. Recently I?ve been meeting with my edges. Some are newly introduced, others have appeared for re-audition. All meetings have reminded me of their usefulness in defining boundary and that wishy-washiness is a state to be sidestepped when possible. Edges. For clarity and depth.Edges. For evaluation and understanding. Let me … Read more

When Men Are Pigs

When men are pigs, what choice do women have? There are many choices including oinking back. For me, I know that often my choice has been to let go of myself so that I can keep some semblance of a man/pig in my life and doing so without acknowledging or confronting the lousy choice I just made for me.

Human Nature: An Exploratory

I’ve been hiking a lot lately which has me wading through hike descriptions, learning a new lingo. The exploratory hike is an adventure that is new to the hike leader. Either never hiked the chosen path or deciding to attempt it in a new way, the leader is signaling an unfamiliarity with the path. Exploratory. … Read more

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