Affirmations for Inner Difficulty

The spiritual path offers clarity about self but not in an easy, quick-fix kind of way. The intent is to help with inner turmoil and dis-ease. Stuff arises which is uncomfortable and painful. Stuff which might just be better to avoid or ignore or deny. Inner difficulty has two parts: The stuff keeping me from … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #48

When life is difficult, I do not, will not give up.   All the inner turmoil and difficulty can be overwhelming, can rudely hit hard and low and sneaky, and hopes I will give in, walk away, lapse into blame, anger and unhappiness. A desire to hold me back and have me rot in the … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #47

Fear has no place in my life.   Fear reaches out and squeezes my heart with hopes of controlling me and making me feel powerless, small, ineffective, disconnected. Fear is used as a form of attack on the best of me with the intention to interrupt my life and make me step back, let go … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #46

I trust myself in all aspects of my life.   Trust is a spiritual practice which requires consistent effort. Because life has disappointments and unexpected turns, trust can be challenging. Without trust, my life is simply afloat to be pushed and pulled by the tides of fate. When I claim trust, my journey begins. A … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #45

I no longer allow myself to believe my critical voice.   Time to cut power to the critical voice. Time to claim responsibility. Time to trust. Time to hear truth. Time to determine my life?s path based on choice rather on the stories offered up by the critical voice. Now is the time. Now is … Read more

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