Setting Intention as Spiritual Practice by Cheryl Marlene

Setting Intention as Spiritual Practice

All spiritual practice moves from and is supported by intention. This practice is a simple way to help yourself identify intention for yourself and your life. Following these steps is also a great way to take inventory of where you feel you are, what you want to let go, and where you would like to …

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What is Soul Intention? by Cheryl Marlene

What is Soul Intention?

What is Soul Intention? There are many ways to answer this question. Here, I describe soul intention from the energetic perspective of Soul Energy Dynamics and the origin of the soul. As the soul enters into individual awareness, there is an immediate attentiveness to the existence of divine source, of All That Is. Through this …

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The Year of the Non-Resolution by Cheryl Marlene

The Year of the Non-Resolution

I can be one of those folks who, with awesome intention, makes New Year resolutions which fall by the wayside by January 20th or so. Then I spend some time beating up on myself for failure and a lack of self-discipline. I want this new year to be different. With this desire in mind, a …

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