Joy, Trust, and the Akashic Records

Joy, Trust, and the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Process creates foundation. Practice and experience strengthen process. Trust builds, truth emerges. As you journey in your Akashic Records: Honor and respect yourself. Allow your firm foundation to provide support and knowing. Step forward in trust, finding joy in your life. This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open Your Akashic Records.

Being of Love, Light, and Joy

Being of Love, Light, and Joy by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation for Love Worthy Lesson #1 Love is the primary essence of you. When you are open to love, your heart is open and you feel connection with yourself and with All That Is. When you don’t feel worthy of love, you are at a remove from the flow of life, out of resonance, out … Read more

Be Joy

Be Joy by Cheryl Marlene

In each moment, be joy and the peace of you. Joy is Hell, YES! Joy is overwhelming alignment. Joy is quiet because there is no struggle. Joy is balanced with the motion of this moment. Joy is felt body, mind, heart, and soul. Joy is you. Joy in your being. Joy illuminating your becoming. Be … Read more

Affirmations for Joy

An incredible sense of exuberance and elation is possible in any moment. Often this sense comes when the push, the resistance, the extreme effort lets go and just acknowledges the connection and balance in the moment. My joy can be quiet and serene, bubbly and triumphant. My joy comes from my center of being and … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #52

I embrace joy always. To embrace is to stand arms opened wide to accept the richness of all experience. Heart is open, mind is willing, body is participating. I am fully engaged in the many blessings and awesomeness of all of me. Joy is my experience always without reservation, without avoidance. Here, now, joy!

Weekly Affirmation #51

My life expresses joy in all moments. Joy is a continual choice in this moment. When joy is not my experience, ask, “Why not?” Remember joy can be felt in frustrating moments when I find joy in the exploration and the process of understanding. Coming out of my approach to life, joy is about my … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #50

I believe in myself. I allow this affirmation to find its way into the darker corners of my mind and heart. I allow myself to consider whatever needs attention, beyond expectation, stagnated belief, and egotistical desire. From these hazy corners, I allow whatever disrespects me to move into my awareness. I allow whatever denigrates the … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #49

I love who I am becoming. With the expansive possibilities of soul healing and learning, I am not the same from one moment to the next. I exist, I am, I experience across a vast continuum of possibility. And my being is always becoming more within the learning and opening to being more in this … Read more

So Within, So Without

This is the time of year to look to your hearts for clarity. This is the time of year to look to your heart for awareness within you of that which is out of integrity for who you?ve become in the last 12 months. This is the time of year to evaluate the complexity of … Read more

The Pressure of Fear

Pressure of Fear by Cheryl Marlene

One of the most insidious aspects of Fear is that it pushes us to do exactly the opposite of what will bring us relief and a perspective for powerful action. In other words, fear pushes us to act out of fear, to act because we are afraid. Fear wants us to blindly accept the terror of an only imagined future. Fear hopes to dupe us into acting against our best interests. Fear goads us into acting from aversion.

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