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Six Great Poem Quotes

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These are excerpts from six of Cheryl's favorite poems in Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging:   Her words are magic to his quenchless mind And stir passion down within his hardened skin. Her smile electrifies and singes his heart And he wonders at the possibilities of a new start. On breath held tentatively, Learn [...]

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Sixteen Great Big Quotes

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These are sixteen of Cheryl's favorite bigger quotes from Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging: In this moment, I choose me. In this moment, I will stand with me and allow me to move forward.? Whatever brought me to this point is nowhere as important as what I choose in this [...]

Eighteen Great One Liners

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These are some of Cheryl's favorite One-liners from Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging: Never give up on myself and what I want. No good comes otherwise. My online dating mantra became: Make it real, quick! Who knew! Bad sex in [...]

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