Life Purpose by Cheryl Marlene

Life Purpose

Life is the journey of experience lived moment to moment. Life purpose is not something I am told. Life purpose is discovery and experience of my life in this moment. Like soul purpose, life purpose is an incredible expression of the depth and breadth of who I am as a manifested being. This is not … Read more

Avoid the Should of Life Purpose by Cheryl Marlene

Avoid the Shoulds of Life Purpose

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about life purpose. It’s one of the main questions constantly raised in an Akashic Record Reading. When this question is asked, what I find interesting is that the response is never what is expected, but for most folks, is exactly what they need. If I boil down the difference, … Read more

Life PUrpose Right Before Your Eyes by Cheryl Marlene

Life Purpose Right Before Your Eyes

Your life purpose doesn’t exist in some magical world accessible only by the elite and the gifted. Your life purpose unfolds right before you each time you consider possibilities and feel within the truth of your next step.