Being of Love, Light, and Joy by Cheryl Marlene

Being of Love, Light, and Joy

Affirmation for Love Worthy Lesson #1 Love is the primary essence of you. When you are open to love, your heart is open and you feel connection with yourself and with All That Is. When you don’t feel worthy of love, you are at a remove from the flow of life, out of resonance, out … Read more

Blessing: As an Instrument of Light by Cheryl Marlene

Blessing: As an Instrument of Light

I am an instrument of light. My soul’s resonance sends light into the universe for the goodness of all humankind. May my light bring healing and void hate. May my light energize the universal network, leaving a blanket of light and love. I am a vessel, a vessel of light. Illuminated by clear intention, genuine … Read more

The Soul's Star Nature by Cheryl Marlene

The Soul’s Star Nature

The capacity of the soul expresses as “star.” Think of “star” as the origin of light. Akasha ignites this light. Akasha infuses Light. Akasha expresses as light. The flow of Akasha can be identified within the Akashic Records because the Akashic Records are the register of the light flow of the Akasha. Akashic Records transmits … Read more

What is Light?

Light, as we tend to think of it, generally is that which shines and illuminates. At the Soul level, Light is the difference between what is Known and what is Unknown.? It is no mistake that the unknown is characterized as dark, chaotic, empty like the void is thought to be. Light is Knowing, present … Read more