Feeling Worthy of Love by Cheryl Marlene

Feeling Worthy of Love

Loving yourself helps quiet the questioning mind and the critical voice. In the quiet you can hear you, choose your path, and truly feel worthy of love. In the quiet you can feel truth and affirm: In the peace of my heart, I feel worthy of love.   To dive deeper into the spiritual practice …

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Touched by Cheryl Marlene


I sit on the sofa’s edge, rigid, hands on knees, feeling lost to myself. He sits beside me, carefully reaching out his left hand and resting it gently on my shoulder. I flinch, the touch breaking my resolve to feel nothing. Though I do feel myself still braced, defending, holding back. Not allowing myself to …

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On Love by Cheryl Marlene

On Love

My mind and my heart have been full of thoughts and feelings of love.  How I love myself and how I love others . . . a beautiful journey filled with the pain both of surrender and merging, autonomy and solitude.  This morning, I thought of the following words which dig deep into the wings …

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The Origin of Love by Cheryl Marlene

The Origin of Love

Within the spiritual energy dynamics of the soul, the origin of love begins in the first moment of soul awareness. The individual soul arises within the divine motion of All That Is. A moment of spontaneity. A moment of vulnerability. A moment of complete trust. There is no hesitation. There is anticipation, excitement, and joy. …

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This Love Thing A Conclusion by Cheryl Marlene

This Love Thing: A Conclusion

The following is the conclusion of this story:  This Love Thing In the months after my divorce, my heart felt closed and bruised. I wondered if I would ever be able to feel love or express love again. I wondered about my capacity for vulnerability. I wondered and I worried. Over the months and years …

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This Love Thing by Cheryl Marlelne

This Love Thing

In my twenties, I thought I had this love thing understood. However, three years ago, after divorce, I started dating for the first time in 25 years and got that I had misunderstood. Then, two years ago after an intense personal learning period brought on by the dating, I again thought I had this meet-the-love-of-my-life …

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Soulmates by Cheryl Marlene


Soulmates are more than romantic connection — there are two different types: transformational and transmutational. Soulmate is a term which denotes an acquaintance made at the soul level between two people often in a romantic sense. While it is true that this experience is often between lovers, at a deeper level the connection is one …

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We all have stories . . .

We all have stories we tell ourselves. We have an experience and we try to make sense of it.   Whatever story is created is not done in a vacuum but within all the previous experiences and stories of life.   These stories are fundamental. They help us grapple with the unexplained and the inexplicable. …

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