Feeling Worthy of Love

Feeling Worthy of Love by Cheryl Marlene

Loving yourself helps quiet the questioning mind and the critical voice. In the quiet you can hear you, choose your path, and truly feel worthy of love. In the quiet you can feel truth and affirm: In the peace of my heart, I feel worthy of love.

Living with an Open Heart

Living with an Open Heart by Cheryl Marlene

Having an open heart doesn’t mean you hang your heart out where anyone can take a swipe. An open-heart means that you trust yourself to live your life open to process your experience through the strength and resiliency of your heart. And when SH*T happens — and it will! —you trust yourself to protect your … Read more

Challenging the Spitballs of Life

Challenging the Spitballs of Life by Cheryl Marlene

Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. Nope! On a regular basis, life rolls out the unexpected, the painful, the disgusting, and the frightening. That’s just on the inside. On the outside is everyone else having their experience being pushed to the edge and then beyond their ability to cope. You get hurt. You feel … Read more

Driving Your Bus

Driving Your Bus by Cheryl Marlene

Claiming yourself worthy of love opens the doors to self-determination of every part of your life. You find that you drive your bus and you get to decide what kind of bus, who can get on, and where you go. Very simply: You define YOU! Make this claim today by affirming: Worthy of love, I … Read more

You Define You

You Define Your by Cheryl Marlene

The way you define yourself comes from within, from your ability to trust yourself to receive truth from your heart. When you feel love-worthy, you don’t seek relationship to define you or to give yourself substance. Seeking relationship to define you is looking outside of self for truth and validation. There is no harm in … Read more

Taking Confidence to the Edge

aking Confidence to the Edge by Cheryl Marlene

Confidence has to do with edges. Edges in the sense of barriers and cliffs or high points and low points. Imagine standing on a high plateau and walking to the edge. The closer you can get to the edge, the more confident you feel. Confidence is also closely related to the cells ability to trust. … Read more

Being of Love, Light, and Joy

Being of Love, Light, and Joy by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation for Love Worthy Lesson #1 Love is the primary essence of you. When you are open to love, your heart is open and you feel connection with yourself and with All That Is. When you don’t feel worthy of love, you are at a remove from the flow of life, out of resonance, out … Read more

In Gratitude, I Honor Myself with Love and Respect

In gratitude, I honor myself with Love and Respect by Cheryl Marlene

Gratitude is the process of acknowledging the positive impact of connection. Connection is unlimited and, as beings of energy, you are connected with all energy. Yet in the midst of all, there is for you only one focus point connected to all: You. You are the primary node of your connection with All That Is. … Read more


Touched by Cheryl Marlene

I sit on the sofa’s edge, rigid, hands on knees, feeling lost to myself. He sits beside me, carefully reaching out his left hand and resting it gently on my shoulder. I flinched, the touch breaking my resolve to feel nothing. Though I do feel myself still braced, defending, holding back. Not allowing myself to … Read more

On Love

On Love by Cheryl Marlene

My mind and my heart have been full of thoughts and feelings of love.  How I love myself and how I love others . . . a beautiful journey filled with the pain both of surrender and merging, autonomy and solitude.  This morning, I thought of the following words which dig deep into the wings … Read more

The Origin of Love

The Origin of Love by Cheryl Marlene

When the soul first has awareness that it is a soul, that ‘I AM’ experience, the soul takes in an awareness that All That Is exists. In the same moment that the soul takes in the awareness of All That Is, All That Is takes in an awareness of all that the soul is and … Read more

No Room for Hate

No Room For Hate by Cheryl Marlene

There is no room in my life for hate. I live with an open heart for all. I will love as best as I can today. And hopefully, tomorrow, I will love better.

I Love Myself!

I Love Myself by Cheryl Marlene

I love myself! From the depth of my soul to the bottom of my heart. From the origins of my cells to the expression of my being. From the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. Finger tips to finger tips, I love myself! Now and forever, Amen!

This Love Thing: A Conclusion

This Love Thing A Conclusion by Cheryl Marlene

The following is the last part of this story:  This Love Thing In the months after my divorce, my heart felt closed and bruised. I wondered if I would ever be able to feel love or express love again. I wondered about my capacity for vulnerability. I wondered and I worried. Over the months and … Read more

This Love Thing

This Love Thing by Cheryl Marlelne

Three years ago, after divorce, I started dating for the first time in 25 years. Two years ago after an intense personal learning period brought on by the dating, I thought I had this meet-the-love-of-my-life thing worked out. I’d done my work, I thought. I’d released the trials and tribulations of past pain and hurt. … Read more


Soulmate is a term which denotes an acquaintance made at the soul level between two people often in a romantic sense.? While it is true that this experience is often between lovers, at a deeper level the connection is one established to create opportunity for a very deep level of learning and growth, soul to … Read more

We all have stories . . .

We all have stories we tell ourselves. ?We have an experience and we try to make sense of it.   Whatever story is created is not done in a vacuum but within all the previous experiences and stories of life.   These stories are fundamental. ?They help us grapple with the unexplained and the inexplicable. … Read more

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