What are Mindful Moments? by Cheryl Marlene

What are Mindful Moments?

What are Mindful Moments? For me, a mindful moment is that moment when I take a breath while also becoming aware of whatever is at the edge of my awareness. I observe. I give attention. I let whatever is just at the surface bubble up. I pay attention to my mind and also my body. …

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Here in the Dark by Cheryl Marlene

Here in the Dark

Here I sit in the dark. The sun has set and the only light is from my computer screen. I am here, now, feeling the edge of my new life emerging from the unknown and the unexpected. Love fills my heart and I am full of light from the love of friends and family and …

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The Beauty of All People by Cheryl Marlene

The Beauty of All People

I will confess: I’m a talker.  I love to tell stories, share information, and connect with others through the spoken word.  I like how understanding sparks within them and within me, creating a moment of shared awareness.  The stories I tell are neither fiction or non-fiction, rather whispers of the heart and murmurs of the …

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The Loom of My Life by Cheryl Marlene

The Loom of My Life

I’ve been on a new journey the last couple of months. As I look back, it is hard in this moment to see all that it’s been about. Many moments which have yet to integrate. Many moments which feel like their own separate strands of experience and exploration. I feel like my life has moved …

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Lessons of Greed by Cheryl Marlene

Lessons of Greed

I’ve been thinking, as the solar calendar begins again, about lessons of greed. The global energy is confused by the narcissistic tendencies of a few who would love their agenda of greed to keep them wealthy and powerful. This is not a lesson that any with money are corrupt. This is a lesson that those …

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Am I OK Alone by Cheryl Marlene

Am I OK Alone?

Am I OK alone? Mmmm. I want to answer yes. In in my mind I say yes, while in my heart I ask: What does it mean for me to be alone? Mmmm. That’s a bit tricky. I pause and I observe. I am uncertain. Mmmm. When I feel alone I am uncertain. I am …

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Living With Uncertainty by Cheryl Marlene

Living with Uncertainty

Living with Uncertainty makes slogging through the forest more than can be tolerated sometimes. Trees and bushes obscuring the way, blocking the view not only of the path but the intended goal. Not seeing the goal pulls up questions which poke and prod uncomfortably. Am I on the right trail? Am I heading in the …

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