Message from Mother Earth, Sun, and Moon by Cheryl Marlene

Messages: Mother Earth, Sun, and Moon

The following are messages from Mother Earth, Sun, and Moon I received through the Akashic Records. Messages I believe to be invaluable and applicable no matter where you live, no matter the time of year, no matter belief, thought, or habit. For we all are connected within the amazing world with guidance always from Mother … Read more

The Moon in Her Fullness by Cheryl Marlene

The Moon in Her Fullness

Venus rising And the Moon in her fullness I rise to the receiving Ready to bring all of me To the stillness of me. Now is the time To salute the giving To herald the adventure of a new ME. The Moon in her fullness ME loving me. And I care not the solitude I … Read more

She Pauses

Everything is Energy. Energy is always in motion. The flow of receiving in. The flow of giving out. The eternal flow in and out. And within the in and the out, there is a pause, a moment of stillness which is neither in nor out. Yet filled with the infinite and the eternal. In this … Read more