Human Nature – Exploratory #2

Cross human nature with Mother Nature and the depth of experience is intensified. When I touch the earth, the deep soul of her reaches into my body filling my cells, illuminating my being. When I breathe the forest or feel the ocean’s mist, connection is established which reflects to me my entire experience of stepping … Read more

Earth Conversations

earth conversations

  The following are messages I received through the Akashic Records on January 31, 2014. ?If you are interested in information from Mother Earth or from any location on the planet, please ask your question or express your interest in the comment section at the end of the article. From Mother Earth: So much love … Read more

Blueprint for Action

Q. What can I do to improve the conditions of my physical environment? A. In short, first align your being and then allow your actions to flow from the balanced center of your alignment. Here are the steps.

Humanity’s Efforts On Earth

The issue with thinking that, for example, pollution is a problem is this: as human beings you tend to hold the energy of the earth as static. Yet, the physical energy of the Earth is always in motion, always changing, becoming new, becoming old, letting go of form, returning to essence, preparing to return to form, and then emerging as new form.

Planet Earth’s History

Today Mother Earth speaks about Planet Earth. Planet Earth has been “alive” for trillions and trillions of years – way beyond any humanly recordable history. In this time, Planet Earth has had many, many forms because Planet Earth takes form and loses form just like humans do.

Claim Your Connection: A Message From Mother Earth

Today I want to speak of connection. I feel all of humanity searching for connection. Wherever you may be in your journey, all humans seek to uncover and learn who they are and why they are here. I, too, have this search, this need for understanding.

Step Past Your Resistance

Let us start today by discussing resistance. This is a natural feeling within all beings as it is the natural reaction to the natural flow of life. Life has its own rhythm, balance and flow. As humans interact with Life, your own natural rhythms, balances and flows sometimes bump, sometimes flow, sometimes collide with Life. In the collision human beings most often interpret the collision as a sign that something is off, wrong, out of kilter with either Life, others, or themselves.

In Resistance to War

First I want to say that we understand your anxiety, your horror and repulsion, your resistance to war. Yet to avoid one war do not start another. “Fighting against” is war itself.

Natural Earth Rhythms

Physical phenomena are the necessary adjustments that the Earth makes from time to time to accommodate its physical form. These adjustments are never intentional, nor intended to cause harm, upset or inconvenience.

Mother Earth’s Emotions

Mother Earth does not feel emotion like a human being. She doesn’t feel sadness or pain. All she feels is joy because Mother Earth is always 100% connected with All that is. Mother Earth is in total consciousness, in total connected being all the time.

Mother Earth & Depleting Resources

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked the following question and received this answer. Q.? Many people are worried about depleting the resources of Mother Earth, the woods, the waters, the soil. What can we do to save the planet? A. First of all, give up the fact that the … Read more

Earth Changes & Human Consciousness

Saying we are going from the third to the fourth dimension (or whatever the different ways of talking about it that there are) is to miss deeper understanding. These dimensions exist all at one time and we (Mother Earth & Planet Earth) and you are already in them. So it is not something we are moving into. But what is changing is the predominant awareness of where humans are and how humans are aware that they can exist. Awareness is changing.

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