Message from Mother Earth by Cheryl Marlene

Messages: Mother Earth, Sun, and Moon

The following are messages from Mother Earth, Sun, and Moon I received through the Akashic Records. Messages I believe to be invaluable and applicable no matter where you live, no matter the time of year, no matter belief, thought, or habit. For we all are connected within the amazing world with guidance always from Mother …

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I Became a Pluviophile by Cheryl Marlene

I Became a Pluviophile

Sitting at the back door of my college dorm. That?s the day I joined the ranks. I remember clearly I was on my way to the library on a Saturday afternoon. As I stepped out the door, the wind caught and slammed the door against the wall. I looked up into the sky catching the swirling gray-green of thunder clouds and the warm wet scent of approaching turbulence. Damn! I thought. It?s going to rain.