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When Men Are Pigs

By |2018-12-07T16:23:10-07:00June 21st, 2016|Sacred Relationship|

When men are pigs, what choice do women have? There are many choices including oinking back. For me, I know that often my choice has been to let go of myself so that I can keep some semblance of a man/pig in my life and doing so without acknowledging or confronting the lousy choice I just made for me.

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Sixteen Great Big Quotes

By |2018-06-30T15:36:48-07:00June 3rd, 2016|Books, Cheryl Marlene|

These are sixteen of Cheryl's favorite bigger quotes from Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging: In this moment, I choose me. In this moment, I will stand with me and allow me to move forward.? Whatever brought me to this point is nowhere as important as what I choose in this [...]

Eighteen Great One Liners

By |2018-06-30T15:36:24-07:00May 20th, 2016|Books, Cheryl Marlene|

These are some of Cheryl's favorite One-liners from Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging: Never give up on myself and what I want. No good comes otherwise. My online dating mantra became: Make it real, quick! Who knew! Bad sex in [...]

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Creeping White Lies

By |2017-06-12T11:50:28-07:00February 5th, 2014|Sacred Relationship|

Have you ever had a profound moment of clarity squeeze through in just one heart beat?? The kind of instant awareness in which something gnawing at you breaks free and springs into your consciousness without warning?? You catch your breath realizing, "Oh! My goodness! Of course!"? Clarity emerges.? In that one heartbeat, you feel yourself [...]