I am at Peace by Cheryl Marlene

I am at Peace

The unknown is inescapable. Part of life. Part of every moment of experience. The choice in how to respond to the inevitable is yours – always. When the unknown makes itself known, you have experienced the shift from dark and unseen into awareness and choice. The depth of you – your essence is connected to … Read more

The Peace of Loving Self by Cheryl Marlene

The Peace of Loving Self

Love worthy is a process of peace within. The chaos of constant self-questioning hinders inner peace. If you question everything you say or done, inner peace will be elusive. Relentless questioning comes from both a lack of trust and a lack of confidence. The constant barrage of judgment eats away at the self’s ability to … Read more

So Within, So Without

This is the time of year to look to your hearts for clarity. This is the time of year to look to your heart for awareness within you of that which is out of integrity for who you?ve become in the last 12 months. This is the time of year to evaluate the complexity of … Read more