Affirmations for Regret

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Yesterday, last week, five years ago. Regret is about my disappointment with my past. Regret wants a re-do, for life to be different. Regret anchors me in the past where change and motion forward are not possible. Regret wants to punish and belittle. Instead, I use the pain of regret as the … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #16

I live my life in this moment. The power and balance of who I am in this moment. Here, now. The past pulls me backward with blame and regret. The future freezes me in fear and anxiety. My ability to choose, to let go, to learn is focused in this moment. Be here, now. I … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #15

I make the best choice for myself in each moment.   There is no good reason to undermine myself. And if I am, I have a choice in how I respond. I can choose unforgiving criticism. I can choose debilitating harshness. I can punish myself for perceived failure. But, why do this? Stay stuck? Stay … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #14

In each moment, I do my best. Truly absorb this: In each moment, I do the best I can. Sure, looking back, I might have made a different decision. But the me in this moment is expanded beyond the me of the past. If I hold myself back because of self-judgment, then that’s my choice. … Read more

Weekly Affirmation #13

I forgive myself for punishing myself. Nothing is gained by self-punishment. Punishment stops learning. Learning fuels choice and stepping forward. Acknowledge the push to punish. Ask myself why? Use what comes forward to learn about myself and how I want to shift myself and my life. Forgiveness allows the space for me to understand, turning … Read more

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