Resistance as Course Correction by Cheryl Marlene

Resistance as Course Correction

Today I have been thinking about how resistance is course correction. When I run into resistance, I used to think I had done something wrong or missed the turn or something that if I had been paying attention I would have gotten “right.” But thinking of resistance as course correction means that the push back … Read more

How Does Failure Help Me Learn?

Failure is an excellent tool for learning. When you fail, you are making an effort to shift your life. You are engaging. You are leaning into the deeper road. You haven’t given up … not yet! This question is aimed at helping you find the gift of failure in your life. Looking at failure and … Read more

How Am I In Resistance To New Learning

How am I in resistance to new learning? What you know today comes from what you learned yesterday. Yesterday’s truth may not work today. Today, because you are a new and different person from yesterday, there’s something new for you to learn today. If you resist learning, life stagnates and gets boring. Excitement comes from … Read more

Balance and Resistance by Cheryl Marlene

Balance and Resistance

Balance Is. From the perspective of All That Is, looking from Non-Physical Reality, Balance is always. Balance describes the natural state of energy within its motion, intention and knowing. Balance is manifested from these three characteristics and is the result of energy and its flow. Balance is the intention All That Is holds for all … Read more