Touched by Cheryl Marlene


I sit on the sofa’s edge, rigid, hands on knees, feeling lost to myself. He sits beside me, carefully reaching out his left hand and resting it gently on my shoulder. I flinch, the touch breaking my resolve to feel nothing. Though I do feel myself still braced, defending, holding back. Not allowing myself to …

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Weekly Affirmation: In my full power, my heart is safe. by Cheryl Marlene

In my full power, my heart is safe.

The pain and trauma of life can have many effects including a tender, hurt heart you feel compelled to protect. Protection often takes the form of shielding and pulling back your heart from further harm. Interestingly, this effort is also accompanied by the idea that your full power makes it more likely your heart will …

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Dealing with Crazy by Finding Safety by Cheryl Marlene

Deal with Crazy by Finding Safety

Here’s something about me you might not know: I am protective of my people. By my people, I mean those I am connected to including my family, my friends, my clients — in short, people like you. And when one of my people is threatened, I get a little crazy. It’s this crazy that I have been dealing with the last couple of weeks. When someone threatens me and mine with tons of moving steel in the form of a car and turns our car into a smashed tin can, I get a little crazy.