The Secret of Letting Go of Stuff by Cheryl Marlene

The Secret of Letting Go of Stuff

A month ago, I gave up my garage. I have had a garage since I moved out 6 years ago. Over this period, I have whittled away at the stuff, letting go, slimming down. Three months ago, I changed garages and got rid of over half of the junk that had piled and, strangely, not … Read more

Building Prince Charming by Cheryl Marlene

Building Prince Charming

As a writer, sometimes I write to entertain myself and have fun. The following piece is just simple fun. Enjoy! Once upon a time there was little girl who was very happy. She loved chasing butterflies, splashing in puddles in her rain boots, and blowing dandelions. But more than anything she loved sitting in her … Read more