The Futility of Proving Your Worth by Cheryl Marlene

The Futility of Proving Your Worth

Rapid change has always been a part of life. What’s new in the last two months is the ability to predict into the future has compressed from one year to one day. This compression has a long list of effects which trigger a chain reaction that threaten your sense of connection and security. The best … Read more

The Unity of Self by Cheryl Marlene

The Unity of Self

Love Worthy Lesson #1 There is a paradox within which blocks your ability to love yourself. Buried deep is the belief that the physical self is impaired, imperfect, flawed, and, worse yet, unfixable. The belief takes a further step and sees the spiritual self as also damaged and irreparable. The perception of brokenness creates a … Read more

The Entirety of Self by Cheryl Marlene

The Entirety of Self

On the spiritual journey, learning about self is the most powerful experience you can have. As awareness expands, what can be seen about and from the point of self is amazing. To understand self, various labels can be used to help understanding:  true self, higher self, child self and more. And in the eagerness, we … Read more