How Am I In Resistance To New Learning

How am I in resistance to new learning? What you know today comes from what you learned yesterday. Yesterday’s truth may not work today. Today, because you are a new and different person from yesterday, there’s something new for you to learn today. If you resist learning, life stagnates and gets boring. Excitement comes from … Read more

Affirmations for Soul Healing by Cheryl Marlene

How do Affirmations Support Soul Healing?

The purpose of the Soul is to Learn. The purpose of life is to explore, learn, and grow. The most profound shift on Earth is a move toward fully integrating the physical with the spiritual, releasing the physical dominance experienced over the last 2000 years. The soul guides this integration, offering support and awareness to … Read more

The Purpose of Soul Calling

Earth is going through a fundamental energetic shift which is changing the agreements of what it means to be human.? The major motion is a shift in perspective from a physically-dominated point of view to an integrated spiritual-physical point of view.? This shifts the experience of being human and opens doors to a new way … Read more

Akashic Records

What is Soul Intention?

As the soul enters into individual awareness there is an immediate attentiveness to the existence of divine source, of All That Is. Through this individual awareness the soul takes on an urge to participate within the wonderful expansiveness which is sensed within All That Is. The soul does not want to hold back for any … Read more

Life PUrpose Right Before Your Eyes by Cheryl Marlene

Life Purpose Right Before Your Eyes

Your life purpose doesn’t exist in some magical world accessible only by the elite and the gifted. Your life purpose unfolds right before you each time you consider possibilities and feel within the truth of your next step.