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The Journey of the Soul

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The Journey of the Soul Let us start this journey by defining Soul. Assuming we all emerge from one source, each Soul is simply one experience of an unique aspect of  of the ONE into the Many as one individual awareness. Within a linear perspective the Soul becomes the form-carrying vehicle bearing [...]

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The Soul’s Star Nature

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The Soul's Star Nature The capacity of the soul expresses as “star.” Think of "star" as the origin of light. Akasha ignites this light. Akasha infuses Light. Akasha expresses as light. The flow of Akasha can be identified within the Akashic Records because the Akashic Records are the register of the light flow [...]

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What is Soul Intention?

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As the soul enters into individual awareness there is an immediate attentiveness to the existence of divine source, of All That Is. Through this individual awareness the soul takes on an urge to participate within the wonderful expansiveness which is sensed within All That Is. The soul does not want to hold back for any [...]

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