Assist versus Help by Cheryl Marlene

Don’t Help Instead Assist

Here’s a question for you: What’s the difference between assisting someone and helping someone? I’ve been thinking on this a bit and here’s what I’ve come up with. Help: I’m doing something for someone that I think they need: Assist: I’m doing something for someone because I was asked by that someone. In other words, …

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I trust that I am able to be fully me and be safe by Cheryl Marlene

I trust that I am able to be fully me and be safe.

I trust I am able to be fully me and be safe. Feeling safe can be a big stretch sometimes. Often developing a sense of safety requires effort and perseverance. Safety and feeling confident to be all of you go hand-in-hand. Safety requires trust and confidence you can receive and follow your truth. Self-confidence requires …

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Akashic Records Soul's Spiritual Practice Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Records: Soul’s Spiritual Practice

Is the Akashic Record Reading the best way to keep balance of self, and how is this different from other energy healing modalities? An Akashic Record Reading is a great way to find support and release.  It’s not the only way and it’s not the only support I seek for myself.  And it is the …

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Heart Scribing While Feeling Like a Failure by Cheryl Marlene

Heart Scribing While Feeling Like a Failure

Heart Scribing:  a deep look into your heart to create the space needed to deal with personal pain, fear, or sorrow.  A spiritual writing practice of your heart. In my life there been times when I have been very depressed and overwhelmed. I felt alone and unable to do anything but question myself especially the …

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What is Mastery as Spiritual Practice by Cheryl Marlene

What is Mastery as Spiritual Practice?

Mastery is an inner spiritual process which begins inside of self. When the spiritual journey begins truth is sought outside of self from teachers and voices of authority. This is not necessarily a bad choice. Listening to the experience of others is very helpful in learning to hear the truth of self. The challenge comes …

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Here in the Dark by Cheryl Marlene

Here in the Dark

Here I sit in the dark. The sun has set and the only light is from my computer screen. I am here, now, feeling the edge of my new life emerging from the unknown and the unexpected. Love fills my heart and I am full of light from the love of friends and family and …

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What Do You Fear by Cheryl Marlene

What Do You Fear?

Fear comes into our lives in many ways through body, mind, heart, and soul. It can be a sudden motion catching you off guard or something that festers and grows. Release doesn’t come through denial. You can’t ignore to banish its presence in your life. Instead, the journey of release is to look at what …

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Calming the Energy of Disbelief

This is the energy of disbelief: you standing on the edge of concern, worry or fear. Disbelief wants to convince you that your worry, fear, concern will come true eventually. Disbelief reaches in and hooks your heart, pushing you to let go of self, of center, of balance. Disbelief wants you to dash your own hopes, your own dreams so that it can guide your life away from your heart.

Receiving at Center

Receiving at Center helps you learn about balance both physically and spiritually. First, think of yourself as a balance between who you are physically and who you are spiritually. Your balance exists within a dynamic continuum called Universal Life Force (ULF). ULF is the motion in the universe that animates and flows within the wholeness …

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What is Soul Intention? by Cheryl Marlene

What is Soul Intention?

What is Soul Intention? There are many ways to answer this question. Here, I describe soul intention from the energetic perspective of Soul Energy Dynamics and the origin of the soul. As the soul enters into individual awareness, there is an immediate attentiveness to the existence of divine source, of All That Is. Through this …

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The Year of the Non-Resolution by Cheryl Marlene

The Year of the Non-Resolution

I can be one of those folks who, with awesome intention, makes New Year resolutions which fall by the wayside by January 20th or so. Then I spend some time beating up on myself for failure and a lack of self-discipline. I want this new year to be different. With this desire in mind, a …

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Life in All Its Messy Glory by Cheryl Marlene

Life in All Its Messy Glory!

Life in all its messy glory keeps presenting itself to me. I keep thinking that at some point everything that’s been furiously bubbling in my life will simmer down and thicken with deep, mind-blowing meaning. And maybe it will at some point. And then I can write some erudite treatise on the meaning of life. …

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We all have stories . . .

We all have stories we tell ourselves. We have an experience and we try to make sense of it.   Whatever story is created is not done in a vacuum but within all the previous experiences and stories of life.   These stories are fundamental. They help us grapple with the unexplained and the inexplicable. …

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Quiet Motion by Cheryl Marlene

Quiet Motion

As you might know, I lived in Japan for a while and learned to speak Japanese. There is a word that I have always been intrigued by which comes to mind right now. Nigiyakana means lively, bustling, noisy, like the busy office or crowded party. There is motion and lots of it in all directions. …

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