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I trust that I am able to be fully me and be safe.

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I trust that I am able to be fully me and be safe. I trust I am able to be fully me and be safe. Feeling safe can be a big stretch sometimes. Often developing a sense of safety requires effort and perseverance. Safety and feeling confident to be all of you [...]

Akashic Records: Soul’s Spiritual Practice

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Akashic Records: the Soul’s Spiritual Practice   Is the Akashic Record Reading the best way to keep balance of self, and how is this different from other energy healing modalities? An Akashic Record Reading is a great way to find support and release.  It’s not the only way and it’s not the [...]

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Heart Scribing While Feeling Like a Failure

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Heart Scribing While Feeling Like a Failure Heart Scribing:  a deep look into your heart to create the space needed to deal with personal pain, fear, or sorrow.  A spiritual writing practice of your heart.In my life there been times when I have been very depressed and overwhelmed. I felt alone and unable to do anything but [...]

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The Spiritual Practice of Peace as Connection

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The Spiritual Practice of Peace as Connection For me peace does not mean the end of conflict. For me peace is the ability to connect. I do not want a world where we all single-mindedly agree on each topic. How boring! For me peace comes in knowing that when conflict arises, we [...]

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The Spiritual Art of Observation

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Perhaps a simple concept:  Observation.  Learning to just observe can be quite a challenge. Though the act of observation underlies almost all significant spiritual practice. So simple yet very challenging. What is Observation? Observation is looking at a situation either within or in the circumstances around. Observation is giving attention to, taking in [...]

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Spiritual Practice How-to

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Spiritual Practice: Any conscious action or experience of BE-ing emerging from your center, motivated by the intention of understanding the whole of your BE-ing, physical and spiritual, body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. The primary foundation of Spiritual Practice is Intention. Without intention, any spiritual practice can become hollow and its [...]

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The Three Essential Steps of Reflection as Spiritual Practice

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The Three Essential Steps of Reflection as Spiritual Practice Reflection is a process of how I direct my mind and my awareness in any moment Reflection is how I attend to and learn from my life.   For a variety of reasons, it is easy to slip through life missing clues, opportunities, [...]

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What is Spiritual Practice?

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Integral to your spiritual journey is the inner work you do with yourself to understand where you are, who you are, and what you can become. Spiritual practice is the tool of this inner work. Spiritual practice can be a formal exercise though it need not be because the essence of spiritual practice [...]

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Trail Guides

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  East of Portland, where I live, beyond the conifer and deciduous forests which bestow their presence on both sides of the Columbia Gorge of Oregon and Washington are the buttes and cliffs and hills adorned simply in grass and wildflower and oak at creek side. No majestic fir or ever-present salal. A solitary beauty [...]

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What Do You Fear?

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 What do you fear?What makes you worry?How are you stuck in the past?How are you stuck in the future?Blame is of the past.Fear of tomorrow anchors you in a future that can never happen.What are you ready to let go?Or would you rather see only fear so that you are distracted from trying for your [...]

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A View From the Boundlessness

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  As I look around me, I see nothing but wide open ocean.? An ocean of possibility.? I am in and of the boundlessness.In the very first moment of viewing, I gasp with a bit of dismay.? And then I realize I am here with intention.? I am here because this is me.? I am connected, [...]

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Hiking and Psalm 23

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When I learned to read at 6 years old, my proud grandparents celebrated my newly acquired skill by giving me my very own red leather Bible. A Christmas gift offered with a reverence and a respect that I had already learned from both of them. They were so delighted with me and their offering brought me into a circle of knowledge and spiritual connection that they had both known their entire lives. I treasured this gift, willingly shared from the depths of their hearts.

Calming the Energy of Disbelief

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This is the energy of disbelief: you standing on the edge of concern, worry or fear. Disbelief wants to convince you that your worry, fear, concern will come true eventually. Disbelief reaches in and hooks your heart, pushing you to let go of self, of center, of balance. Disbelief wants you to dash your own hopes, your own dreams so that it can guide your life away from your heart.

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Receiving at Center

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First, think of yourself as a balance between who you are physically and who you are spiritually.Your balance exists within a dynamic continuum called Universal Life Force (ULF).?ULF is the motion in the universe that animates and flows within the wholeness of you.You balanced between physical and spiritual with ULF creates a center point called [...]

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What is Soul Intention?

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As the soul enters into individual awareness there is an immediate attentiveness to the existence of divine source, of All That Is. Through this individual awareness the soul takes on an urge to participate within the wonderful expansiveness which is sensed within All That Is. The soul does not want to hold back for any [...]

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The Eternal Now

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In this moment is all.In this moment is the One.In this moment is Soul entwined with the fluid motion of One.In this moment awareness flows across the continuum of all knowing.Follow that which flows to you.Worry not about motion elsewhere.Turn focus and concentration to your own flow, to your center of awareness.Allow in this Now.Let [...]

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The Year of the Non-Resolution

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I can be one of those folks who, with awesome intention, makes New Year resolutions which fall by the way side by January 20th or so.? Then I spend some time beating up on myself for failure and a lack of self-discipline.? I want this new year to be different.?With this desire in mind, a [...]

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Life in All Its Messy Glory!

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I keep thinking that at some point everything that's been furiously bubbling in my life will simmer down and thicken with deep, mind-blowing meaning.? And maybe it will at some point.? And then I can write some erudite treatise on the meaning of life. In the mean time, I have life in all its messy [...]

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