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Step Past Your Resistance

By |2016-02-10T15:44:56+00:00August 31st, 2008|Akashic Records, Earth Energies|

Let us start today by discussing resistance. This is a natural feeling within all beings as it is the natural reaction to the natural flow of life. Life has its own rhythm, balance and flow. As humans interact with Life, your own natural rhythms, balances and flows sometimes bump, sometimes flow, sometimes collide with Life. In the collision human beings most often interpret the collision as a sign that something is off, wrong, out of kilter with either Life, others, or themselves.

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On Receiving

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Think of a beautiful flowing river that moves no matter the obstacle. This river is a continuous flow moving always within the potential and possibility of all energy. The river is a flow of divine energy containing the infinite possibility of the universe. This river is the flow of All That Is.

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