Essence of Excellence

Essence of Excellence by Cheryl Marlene

Yesterday, the fishmonger at my local grocery store was in excellent spirits. He had arranged for an amazing sale of fresh Alaskan Coho Salmon. I love salmon, especially fresh. A treat I used to enjoy often when I lived in a small seaside town in Washington State. When it was my turn to order, I … Read more

Constant Change

Constant Change by Cheryl Marlene

The world is changing. This is a true statement now and was a true statement 3000 years ago. Change is constant. Given the nature of energy, the world will always be changing. Therefore, the questions before me: How do I want to change? What do I want to aim for? I have ideas about change … Read more

Challenging the Spitballs of Life

Challenging the Spitballs of Life by Cheryl Marlene

Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. Nope! On a regular basis, life rolls out the unexpected, the painful, the disgusting, and the frightening. That’s just on the inside. On the outside is everyone else having their experience being pushed to the edge and then beyond their ability to cope. You get hurt. You feel … Read more

The Peace of Loving Self

The Peace of Loving Self by Cheryl Marlene

Love worthy is a process of peace within. The chaos of constant self-questioning hinders inner peace. If you question everything you say or done, inner peace will be elusive. Relentless questioning comes from both a lack of trust and a lack of confidence. The constant barrage of judgment eats away at the self’s ability to … Read more

You Define You

You Define Your by Cheryl Marlene

The way you define yourself comes from within, from your ability to trust yourself to receive truth from your heart. When you feel love-worthy, you don’t seek relationship to define you or to give yourself substance. Seeking relationship to define you is looking outside of self for truth and validation. There is no harm in … Read more

The Unity of Self

The Unity of Self by Cheryl Marlene

Love Worthy Lesson #1 There is a paradox within which blocks your ability to love yourself. Buried deep is the belief that the physical self is impaired, imperfect, flawed, and, worse yet, unfixable. The belief takes a further step and sees the spiritual self as also damaged and irreparable. The perception of brokenness creates a … Read more

Weekly Question: How Do I Want Gratitude to Express in My Life in 2019?

Weekly Question: How Do I Want Gratitude to Express in My Life in 2019? by Cheryl Marlene

How do I want gratitude to express in my life in 2019? Look at your gratitude list. First, think about your year again—anything missing? Now ask yourself this question:Based on my list, what five ideas did I learn about myself?In other words, what did your experience this year help you understand about yourself? The idea … Read more

Weekly Question: What are the challenges of 2018 for which I am grateful?

Weekly Question: What are the challenges of 2018 for which I am grateful? by Cheryl Marlene

Gratitude list. Learn about yourself and create a list of everything which you are thankful in this incredible year of 2018. Think of your experience. What you did. Events. Opportunities. Connections. Wins. The feel-good stuff. Think about your experience again. What didn’t work? Disappointment. Pain. Hardship. Failure. The never-again stuff. Your life is always a … Read more

What Have I Learned About Myself in 2018?

What Have I Learned About Myself in 2018 by Cheryl Marlene

I believe that the primary purpose of my life is learning. I am here to learn. Learn Always. Because I live within the constant expansion of universal creation, my learning will never be done. In each moment, when I give myself the chance, learning is available. Sometimes big sweeping realizations which excite my heart and … Read more

What Am I Thankful for in My Life in 2018?

What am I Thank for in my Life by Cheryl Marlene

As the year begins draw to a close, it’s time to turn my attention towards the new year. I am beginning by first taking an attitude of gratitude to my life this past year. Thinking about what I’ve done, where I’ve traveled, friends and events along the way, I want to first remember and then … Read more

How do I underestimate the beauty of my soul?

Weekly Question: How do I underestimate the beauty of my soul?

Each day I have the honor to witness the soul’s beauty. Every time I open the Akashic Records for someone, I stand in awe. The soul’s beauty is breathtakingly beautiful. Like a diamond reflecting light, the soul shines with humble awareness, within transcendent awareness. The soul has deep capacity to engage with the world in … Read more

Where Do I Feel Out of Alignment with My Body?

Where Do I Feel Out of Alignment with My Body? by Cheryl Marlene

Your body is an expression of wisdom—a wisdom which will communicate with you if you will listen. To listen you need trust that you can hear what is said and trust in what you receive. Your body’s wisdom is intimately connected with every bit of you: your muscles, bones, veins, arteries, every system, every part. … Read more

Weekly Question: How Can I Feel Peace Within

Weekly Question: How Can I Feel Peace Within by Cheryl Marlene

Anticipation which melts into worry will keep you from peace and calm. Expectation which creates artificial limits will hold you back from exploring possibility. Disappointment, misunderstanding, anger, frustration—all of these will make peace difficult. Looking from the outside-in, the answer may indicate to move away from upset. However, moving away doesn’t eliminate. Instead move towards … Read more

Weekly Question: What Blocks Me From Hearing the Truth of My Heart?

Weekly Question by Cheryl Marlene

Life brings a full flow filled with a vast array of experiences. Some experiences uplift and expand, offering an opportunity to move beyond. Other experiences challenge understanding and hurt the heart. In the hurt, the habit is to cover, protect, hide to avoid future pain. A natural reaction, yet as you mature and open to … Read more

What is my intention for today?

What is my intention for today? by Cheryl Marlene

This is a morning question — while you are brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. Clear intention is a powerful force for what I call GSD – – Getting Shit Done. To accomplish, to be productive, requires the focus of intention. Intention helps you begin with the end in mind. Intention creates direction for your … Read more

How Does Failure Help Me Learn?

Failure is an excellent tool for learning. When you fail, you are making an effort to shift your life. You are engaging. You are leaning into the deeper road. You haven’t given up … not yet! This question is aimed at helping you find the gift of failure in your life. Looking at failure and … Read more

How Am I In Resistance To New Learning

How am I in resistance to new learning? What you know today comes from what you learned yesterday. Yesterday’s truth may not work today. Today, because you are a new and different person from yesterday, there’s something new for you to learn today. If you resist learning, life stagnates and gets boring. Excitement comes from … Read more

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