Playing Small and the Akashic Records

Playing Small and the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

On the other end of the spectrum from arrogance is playing small. Rather than an issue of superiority, playing small is the pretense of inferiority based on a perception of unworthiness. The feeling is expressed as, “I am not good enough and am less than what is valued.” This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, … Read more

Living with an Open Heart

Living with an Open Heart by Cheryl Marlene

Having an open heart doesn’t mean you hang your heart out where anyone can take a swipe. An open-heart means that you trust yourself to live your life open to process your experience through the strength and resiliency of your heart. And when SH*T happens — and it will! —you trust yourself to protect your … Read more

Challenging the Spitballs of Life

Challenging the Spitballs of Life by Cheryl Marlene

Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. Nope! On a regular basis, life rolls out the unexpected, the painful, the disgusting, and the frightening. That’s just on the inside. On the outside is everyone else having their experience being pushed to the edge and then beyond their ability to cope. You get hurt. You feel … Read more

Party of One

Party of One by Cheryl Marlene

I’ve done something really huge for myself. I’ve put me first. Usually, I defer to other, giving them the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t seek to understand. No. I’m saying that my default position is to give up on what I want in the face of trouble on the other … Read more

The Peace of Loving Self

The Peace of Loving Self by Cheryl Marlene

Love worthy is a process of peace within. The chaos of constant self-questioning hinders inner peace. If you question everything you say or done, inner peace will be elusive. Relentless questioning comes from both a lack of trust and a lack of confidence. The constant barrage of judgment eats away at the self’s ability to … Read more

Releasing Fear to Connect

Releasing Fear to Connect by Cheryl Marlene

Movin’ and groovin’! Chase away fear! Motion helps to unfreeze and loosen up whatever is stuck. Motion gives you a chance to get beyond the grip of fear, stepping into choice and and away from reaction. Motion opens your heart and connects you with your inner sense of love. Connected, you can acknowledge and affirm: … Read more

Use Motion to Release Fear

Use Motion to Release Fear by Cheryl Marlene

Fear creeps into the cells of your body and freezes energetic motion. Emotionally frozen, intellectually stilted, it’s hard to feel confident, to feel safe, to feel open. It’s hard to connect heart to heart. Fear paralyzes and overwhelms, making love scary. Interestingly, motion will counter fear. Getting outside, breathing fresh air, walks, and bare feet … Read more

Confidence from Truth, Trust, and Belief

Confidence from Truth, Trust, and Belief by Cheryl Marlene

To feel love-worthy, you need confidence. Confidence has three legs: trust, truth, and belief. All three come from your heart. All three reinforce your ability to feel confident. Confidence supports worthiness and self-love. Focus on expanding confidence with this affirmation: To expand confidence in myself, I embrace trust, truth, and belief in myself always.

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