Thanks 2009!

As I begin to receive this new year of 2010, I want to take time to say thank you to the amazing gifts of 2009.  Gifts which I want to bring forward, gifts which support who I am and will become in 2010.

  1. Thanks to the support of my wonderful husband and daughter, I finished writing my book and published it, so far with great success.  The culmination of a 6-7 year process which could merit its own book!  Thank you!
  2. 2.As of October 2009, I have now lived a full five decades and counting.  When I was a smart-alecky nine year old, I learned about decades and promptly began teasing my mother about how many decades old she was — she had just turned three.  When I hit two, she began returning the favor.
  3. All the moments spent with my daughter.  As she is a junior in high school, I acknowledge that these moments are numbered.
  4. Beautiful Blue Bob the Beta (fish) who appeared seemingly, from nowhere, in the basement in a fully functioning tank.  This is actually a backend way of saying that my husband is an amazing person who practices compassion with the abandoned Betas at Petco.
  5. Angel moments too numerous to count.  For me, an Angel moment is a wisp of time in which someone does or says something to me with the sole intent of providing me love and support.  Lots of Angels out there sending me love.  Wow!
  6. Reconnecting with “lost” friends in 2009 provided a series of wonderful events which I plan to continue in 2010.
  7. Limits, boundaries, responsibilities.  I can probably sum up all my 2009 lessons learned into one very potent question:  “What is my responsibility?”  Being a person who thinks she has to do IT ALL perfectly, this one question has been a powerful reminder to me.  I had lots of opportunities for this one especially late in the year.  I hung a card with this question by my bed to remind myself each night before bed.  I think the card will stay put for 2010.
  8. Hikes and beach walks.  I have been trying to think of my favorite this past year.  I loved my birthday hike in Stub Stewart State Park.  I also enjoyed our last visit to Cannon Beach which included the traditional beach walk, bagel sandwich and visit to the glassblowing shop.  Maybe the best frame is to say how invigorating it is to live in a place like Oregon where mountain and sea are equally accessible and equally beautiful.
  9. Well, I gotta say it:  I am thankful that my clothes are literally getting too big!  A bit of a pain when trying to get dressed up, but on the bright side, lots of opportunity for new acquisition in 2010.
  10. While I am in this category:  I love my new haircut.  My mom, who was always after me to get my long hair styled, would be very proud — her daughter finally has a Do.
  11. The new take-home bottle at SakeOne.  This past year we became acquainted with the sake brewery located in Forest Grove, OR and 30 minutes from our house.  My favorite is the Nama Sake, the organic elixir still in its fresh, raw state, and now available direct from the tab to the take-home bottle.  The only way to get it fresher is to be offered a sip by the Toji Master (sake master) direct from the brewing vat.  Talk about Manna from heaven!
  12. Epiphanettes: seemingly minor flashes of inspiration and knowing which turn out to be not so minor after all.  Many seeds of inspiration lovingly planted in 2009, awaiting nurturing and blooming in 2010.  I know that I may be insufferable sometimes, but I have really worked on following the knowing of my heart and the truth of my soul.  I have willingly staked my claim, committed while the water was deeper than neck high, and decided that believing in myself and my family is my thing to do.  My purpose, my mission, my goal is the epiphanette of this moment:  I am my vision, I bring forward vision.  This ability is my contribution to my family and the world.

What are you thankful for from 2009?


In Joy!


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