The Akashic Records and 2010

January 1, 2010

2009 was a year of shadow, one where many found it difficult to see and hear clearly.

In 2010, this shadow will become the fog of early morning. ?The challenge will be to learn when to attempt to burn off the fog through self-action or when to allow the fog to clear in its own time.

Know that humanity is shifting its perspective from the emphasis on the purely physical to an embodied understanding of dynamic balance between physical and spiritual BE-ing.? This is a process which requires that EVERYONE let go of that which no longer serves this new dynamic BE-ing.? Humanity as a whole — each and every one of the billions on the planet — face this challenge of shift into a new perspective.? You are now witnessing the symptoms of the resistance to this shift.

2010 will also see much happiness as more and more individuals initiated or engage further in their personal processes of shift.? This does not mean that everyone agrees on the “right” thinking or the “right” religion or the “right” politics.? Instead the shift is about accepting that everyone has their own path up the mountain of divine understanding.

When a public figure says he/she will do one thing and then does another, consider the possibility that you are witnessing someone dealing with not only their own personal fog but also with making their way toward a path which is inclusive rather than dismissive.

In your foggy moments, the question to ask is, “What faulty notion needs to be released in this moment?? What do I need to let go in order for the fog to clear?”

2010 will be full of foggy moments which will challenge you to attend to the process of your internal shift.? There is no hurry.? You will do what you need to do when you need to do it.

2010 is also a fabulous year to be outside.? Garden, walk, hike, breath.? Go outside and feel yourself enveloped within All That Is.? Visit forests, beaches, mountains, blades of grass.? Listen.? Touch.? Taste the wind on your face and feel it stir your soul.? Give yourself the opportunity to connect, observing if and when and where you may have resistance to feeling one with the natural flow of All That Is.

2010 is also a fabulous year for exploring your creative self.? More to come on this in the next week or so.

The key to coming to your truth in 2010 is learning to open yourself to your dynamic nature, moving from seeing only what you know and expect to a view point which allows you to begin to become aware of the unknown moving toward you.? Do not reach out to grab this knowing.? Instead, visualize/feel the unknown moving toward you quickly and easily, gently unveiling itself in your awareness.

The fundamental shift of humanity involves shifting the point of awareness from the known to the unknown, bringing self closer to the unknowable.

Deal with Fog by focusing your point of awareness towards your unknown, allowing new ideas and new perspectives, releasing those which no longer serve.

Find your source of Joy; fill your year with the joy of following your knowing.

In love and light, we are complete.

In Joy!


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