The Beauty of All People

I will confess: I’m a talker.  I love to tell stories, share information, and connect with others through the spoken word.  I like how understanding sparks within them and within me, creating a moment of shared awareness.  My stories I tell are neither fiction or non-fiction, rather whispers of the heart and murmurs of the soul.  Nothing rehearsed like a TED talk, nor written down to be read.  I’m definitely a talker in the moment, relying on head and heart for guidance and the right word or turn of phrase.

Recently, I have become a Garden Guide at Portland Japanese Garden.  A perfect gig for me.  For an hour, folks I have just met follow me, listening intently to my talking, guiding, sharing the beauty of this amazing landscape tapestry.  I get to speak a little Japanese and share my personal perspective of Japanese history and culture through the lens of the garden.  I get to step quietly into the words of tranquility, mindfulness and serenity.  And in the beauty of empty space, I take a breath and share an experience of no-words, no-story, no-tale.  For it is in the stillness that the intrinsic beauty of the garden visitor steps forward.

The beauty of all people.  This is the story I want to share with you today.  It’s not that I haven’t seen this before.  But as I stand in front of the people in my tours, I am struck in each moment of the stunning beauty of every person.  From around the world, near and far, all ages and many expressions, a living tapestry filled with life and joy and peace.  Blessing me with their presence and willingness to listen and experience the beauty around and within.

The gardener painting a canvas with tree, bush, flower and stone desires to seed tranquility within.  And as garden guide, I witness the journey and behold the beauty within each and every visitor as tranquility blooms within.

While my words and your words may not be the same, the story of our shared humanity is the beauty of all people in our world.

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