In early 2010, I discovered Edgar Cayce and his use of what was called the Akashic Records. I spent almost an entire month reading and searching the transcribed archives of his readings to learn more about the Akashic Records. I was completely fascinated by his readings and work with the Akashic Records, yet I also realized that he had passed away in 1945.

I found Cheryl’s website and book and I was able to read portions of her book on Amazon. I wanted an Akashic Record reading and I figured this was the way I was going to do it. Before having an Akashic Record reading with Cheryl, I had never done anything remotely close to this.

Five minutes into the reading I knew the information was coming from a higher place. How did she know these things? I hadn’t told her any of this. Why did everything make so much sense? She knew little about me. Why did I feel completely different at the end of the reading?

That reading changed my life. I was able to let go of things that I had held onto for no reason after that reading. I now understood why things had happened to me in my life. I also understood my relationships with people in my life much better. The best part of all was I could now see my path.

I have since learned to open my own Akashic Records through Cheryl’s Sage Path I class. I have also attended Sage Path II and I can open up other people’s Akashic Records just like Cheryl. I am now able to give others the same experience in the Akashic Records that I had during my first reading.
AE, Scottsdale, AZ