The Energetics of Being and Becoming

In the flow of All That Is, everything is energy and all energy is always in motion.

Thus, the experience of life is both a Being and a Becoming.

Being is existence, a moment of now, an instance in the experience of energy as both potential and form.

Becoming is a claiming of the potential of existence, the process of Being.

Existence covers not just the physical form experience but all of the energy continuum from potential to form, body, mind, heart and soul.


Being is the continuous, connected experience of existence.

Within the flow of energy, Being flows from potential to form to potential, continuously within the infinite and eternal.

Being flows always within All That Is.

Each moment of BE is connected to each moment of BE.  Using the present progressive verb tense (-ing) succinctly describes the experience of existence for all form and all potential as Being.

As everything is energy, so then is Being energy.  Energy’s three characteristics (knowing, motion and intention) also define and support Being.

At its deepest levels, Being is awareness across the infinite and eternal dimensions of All That Is, always appropriate to the point of balance of Being.


Becoming is the process you engage in your life to step forward in balance with your Being.

Some days the becoming process feels good, looks good like a shiny new car.

Some days, the becoming process feels like an old jalopy in a junk heap.

Confusing the results of the path as the point of the journey, we miss the learning and knowing offered by the experience of life.

The challenge in life:  Understanding life as the process of Becoming within awareness of balance.

Energetically Balance always is.  Balance is not created.  Balance is felt within though where balance is shifts from moment to moment as we learn and grow.

We are trained to place judgment on the process of life:

Learned that well!
Did that badly!
Energy is high — YAY!
Energy is attracting wrong — your bad!

The point is that all life is Becoming.  All of life is the process of Being.  Both Being and Becoming with the Balance that is.

Remember balance is always.  No need to make balance happen.  Instead, relax into awareness of where balance is.


Most often in dealing with life’s challenges we can find our next step by simply asking:

Where is my path of least resistance in this moment, in this situation?

Challenge offers the gift of clarifying intention.  Letting to of the idea that resistance is something to avoid, allows the opportunity to feel into resistance and find balance.

What can I understand about my resistance to find where balance is?

Stop and observe.

Where do you quit bumping your head against a brick wall and find a lighter, more peaceful, less stressed place within your Being?

Your next step feels this balance within.

Living life aware of Being and Becoming does not guarantee a life without bumps.

In this moment is you where balance is with both your Being and Becoming.  With this focus, you have the opportunity to step with intention into the best of your Being and Becoming.  Otherwise, life is lived with blinders on, both hands tied behind your back.

Stepping forward with awareness allows life to be experienced fully and for you to expand within the deepest expressions of your Being and Becoming.

Being becomes balance, infinitely and eternally.

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