The Energetics of Being: Part Two – Balance

This is the second part of a larger article I have written about the fundamental energetics of humanity. As I say, a brief inquiry into flow, balance and well being. Here are links below to all six parts or you may check out the library for a free copy of the entire inquiry.

Part One – IntroductionPart Two – Balance
Part Three – Flow — Part Four – Being
Part Five – Well-Being — Part Six – Summary
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The Energetics of Well Being by Cheryl Marlene Part 2 Balance from a linear point of view, describes the average between two opposing points. Physically, Balance is the half-way point between this and that, where one side is neither more or less than the other. Think of the scales “in balance.”

However, stepping beyond the linear, Balance expands and is understood as an intrinsic characteristic of All That Is. Boundlessness is just that, the unbounded, that which has no binds and creates no binds. Without boundary, without limit, without restriction, the divine is balance, is always in balance, supports balance, and holds balance.

Dynamically, balance is stepping beyond the idea of conflict and restriction, beyond limit or boundary. Balance is the confluence of all energetic flow interacting with the emergence of the unknowable, divine Boundlessness. Dynamically, balance is the idea that what is and what is not exist in peaceful convergence rather than in linearly imposed conflict. Essentially, within dynamic balance opposites are not in conflict but coexist harmoniously. From the static point of view, we must search for balance.? Dynamically, we come to the awareness that Balance IS – here, now, always.

Think of rivers of energy flowing together, a true confluence. In this convergent motion there is no conflict, no limit, no restriction. There is instead a recognition of the value of the opposite, the is and the is not, and the gift available from one to the other. Balance is the experience of BEing at this confluence. Balance does not need to be obtained or struck or found. Simply, Balance Is.

All individual flows of energy are in balance with all other flows of energy even though all flows may appear as opposite to, or in contrast with, all flows. Dynamically, Balance transcends all because Balance is the natural state of Divine Boundlessness. The challenge and the opportunity for the human mind is to step beyond the physical need to find and create balance. Instead, allow expanded awareness to help you move beyond the linear idea of grasping for balance. Move into the awareness of Balance in this moment as a natural state for all existence.

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