The Energetics of Being: Part Four – BEing

This is the fourth part of a larger article I have written about the fundamental energetics of humanity. As I say, a brief inquiry into flow, balance and well being. Here are links below to all six parts or you may check out the library for a free copy of the entire inquiry.

Part One – IntroductionPart Two – Balance
Part Three – Flow — Part Four – Being
Part Five – Well-Being — Part Six – Summary
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The Energetics of Well Being by Cheryl Marlene Part 4 All humans are an integrated balance of three co-creative motions: a physical flow with a spiritual flow within the universal flow of All That Is. These three motions in eternal balance respond to the individual impulse of intention to create physical form. Within this perspective, BEing is the awareness of your I-ness within the balance and Flow of All That Is. BEing is the point of departure and the point of return for your integrated experience as physical form and spiritual knowing. BEing is an expression of energetic balance connected to the flow of All That Is. Within the dynamics of All That Is, the point of balance of individual flow is found in this moment, the only point where your awareness is accessible and realizable.

In this moment is balance, is flow, is awareness. Thus, your personal power, as an ability to generate change and shift in your life, emanates from this moment, here and now, and from nowhere else. When the motion of your life interferes with your awareness of balance, you experience various degrees of confusion, worry, fear, resistance, and denial. Expectation, blame and judgment exacerbate the trouble. As a physical BEing, these feelings are the best indicators of being out of touch with the Balance of your Flow.

A lack of awareness of balance can be addressed as either too little or too much flow. However, viewed at a deeper perspective, the lack of awareness is more about the direction of your attention. Attention is where you are currently receiving knowing and is the focal point of your awareness. In another way, attention is also the view of your mind and the current direction of your heart (which sometimes are not the same). Like the view finder on a camera, attention moderates your awareness of balance.

The challenge in connecting your awareness and attention is two-fold. Either bring your attention to your awareness of balance or bring your attention to whatever blocks your awareness. With attention to the block, you may release or shift whatever stands in the way of your awareness of balance. To do this, pay attention to Flow. Look where flow is natural and in motion. Observe where flow is interrupted. The interruptions are clues to where awareness is blocked. Attending to the interruptions helps you release and shift, allowing your awareness of balance to move into your focus of attention.

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