The Energetics of Being: Part Five – Well-Being

This is the firth part of a larger article I have written about the fundamental energetics of humanity. As I say, a brief inquiry into flow, balance and well being. Here are links below to all six parts or you may check out the library for a free copy of the entire inquiry.

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Part Three – Flow — Part Four – Being
Part Five – Well-Being — Part Six – Summary
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The Energetics of Well Being by Cheryl Marlene Part 5 Well Being is simply attention to the clear flow of you felt within your awareness of balance. Well BEing is not solely 100% physical health or extraordinary spiritual perception. Well BEing is an awareness of balance in this moment of the co-creative motions of physical, spiritual and Universal Life Force within you. Well BEing is awareness that your individual flow harmoniously coexists with the infinite and eternal boundlessness of All That Is. You find your way to Well BEing because you feel connected to your truth and able to trust yourself to respond to interruptions in flow when they may appear.

The Well Being of a child develops through a supported sense of physical safety and comfort which in turn supports exploration of self and world. As a child, you encountered various challenges to your sense of safety and comfort. These challenges created interruptions within awareness and began the patterns which you now seek to shift and release. Thus, the Well BEing of the adult comes through challenges to and shifts within ingrained patterns, habits, and stories. You have learned early on to ignore or deny your sense of personal truth in favor of energetic situations where you feel you find safety and comfort. As an adult, you are challenging yourself to release this prior learning which no longer serves you in this moment.

The energetic Well BEing of the adult blooms by developing a sense of spiritual truth and inner awareness. In your early years, you attend to physical comfort and, as you mature, your attention shifts to your awareness of truth within arising from your awareness of the possibilities of the spiritual and non-physical. This shift in awareness comes in part within the physical maturity of cognition. A five-year-old child has both limits and abilities of awareness that the twenty-year-old does not have or has in diverse ways. The same holds true for the thirty-year-old and the fifty-year-old. Spiritual maturity allows self to step into a supportive process of learning, receiving and then releasing. In this powerful cycle of growth, you learn that yesterday’s truth must yield to today’s truth for learning to continue and expand.

Additionally, the agreements of “being human” inform both your physical and spiritual natures. Because energy is always in motion and because balance always is, it is these agreements which influence or drive the birth and maturation of humanity. These agreements also influence your interaction with your environment — particularly with Earth — because you take form on Earth and Earth holds your container, your human energy field. Thus, Earth and your awareness of connection with her helps you focus attention both to balance and to interruptions of flow.

Well BEing is also a perspective on the integration of heart and mind. Mind comes forward from the physical flow and processes the facts of the physical agreements of humanity. The mind “gets” gravity and time, electromagnetic force and physical space. The mind helps maintain awareness of physical balance within the eternal motion of Earth and All That Is.

In contrast, Heart emerges from the soul-encapsulated within the spiritual motion of BEing. Heart tracks truth and trust, deep knowing and awareness. Heart holds universal attention and steps forward as the center for BEing. Heart is also the center of growth for BEing and gives birth to BEcoming  the process of allowing BEing to be in flow with Balance. Heart helps mind moving beyond the dictates of a limited, physical-only perspective, moving together into the opportunities of universal motion and divine knowing.

Heart and Mind integrated, working together are your tools of BEing, allowing you to move beyond interruptions to Flow. The intention is not to stop interruption because that is impossible, futile and unnecessary. Instead, you are here to learn how to move beyond interruption as the attention of your awareness brings interruption forward. Productive focus is your awareness in this moment rather than trying to stop or control Flow.

As you work on physical and spiritual integration, the main point of reference is the interruptions which the mind mistakenly holds as indisputable fact. To release one must allow the heart to guide the mind beyond the interruption to the awareness of balance. What stands in my way to awareness of balance? This question focuses directly on this possibility, especially when held with this intent. Who you are as a physical being is quite challenging because your body exists within an environment that must support many physical forms with differing and usually competing needs for healthy physical survival and progression. Your tendency is to be too hard on yourself, holding on to the pain of interruption rather than finding the joy of balance or the balance of joy.

Reassure your physical body with gratitude. Acknowledge that your magnificent body is achieving balance and joy even when you think not! Notice that the interruptions to the awareness of balance which can be abusive and dismissive can often be released by shifting your attention. And often, this simple shift helps you identify what is stuck, no longer helpful, or holding you back. The shift also helps you open new doors, identify new truth, and claim new expansion. A shift which allows self-transformation within divine view.

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