The Flow of Spirit

The Flow of Spirit is an excerpt from How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey, Chapter 4. This discusses the metaphor of river to explore the spiritual journey.

I’ve always liked the metaphor of river to explore the spiritual journey.

The water of the river represents the flow of spirit washing away all that’s no longer needed.

The river expresses the feeling of spirit flow within. The river is me.

Each person is an integration of three universal forces: the spiritual, the physical, and Universal Life Force. These forces join together to create the center of being from which physical existence takes form and flourishes.

The intersection of spiritual and physical begins human expression. Universal Life Force, the animating motion of the All That Is, lifts being from the static into the dynamic, from the linear into the infinite and the eternal. 

This integrated balance of the three is connection with All That Is and forms the basis for creating the individual. The concept of center of being identifies this central connecting point in balance with All That Is. Awareness of All That Is arises through center of being as a divine presence within the energetic flow of All That Is.

Energetically, another term for Universal Life Force is spirit as motion of the divine. Viewed within the perspective of All That Is, spirit is the motion of divine transcendence. At this universal level, spirit identifies a feeling and an awareness of that which is both connected to self and yet extends beyond today’s known. 

On the other hand, at the level of humanness, spirit is the embodiment of the unknown and the unknowable. Soul is unique facet of All That Is. Rather than distinct forms, spirit and soul, like all energy, flows on a continuum from potential to form to potential.

Center of being and the flow of spirit are both felt through the heart.  Focus attention to your heart to become aware of the motion of spirit within.

The outside-in focus leads away from heart and being. Look inside to listen to the flow of spirit within, feeling the balance within spirit that always is.

In this moment, turn attention to heart’s depth, and ask self or the Akashic Records:

1. Does my energy flow freely within my center of being?

2. How can I be aware of the flow of spirit within?

As the journey continues, I affirm:

I trust myself to find my balance in this moment.

The Flow of Spirit is an excerpt from How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey.

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