The Loom of My Life

I’ve been on a new journey the last couple of months? As I look back, it is hard in this moment to see all that it’s been about. Many moments which have yet to integrate. Many moments which feel like their own separate strands of experience and exploration.

I feel like my life has moved to a new loom. And right now life is about identifying the new strands with which to dress the loom. Whether I am meant to weave a rug or a tapestry, I don’t know. And, I think, it’s not for me to know in this moment or in the next. Instead as much of life seems to be, in this moment, the strongest awareness is that I am calling forth the depths of trust.

Honestly, it took me a while to get the necessity of this change. I’d gotten quite accustomed to my life as it was after several prior years of turbulence. And as I take in the last couple of months, I get that this newness comes because I am ready and because I have the capacity for the depth called forth.

Excitements stirs my being and gulps of fear tug for attention. And I see now in this current view that I am simply auditioning possible expression as beneficial warp strands . . . or not. And as many weavers might say, the strength and beauty of the finished product begins in the contemplation of the feeling of the end result.

I feel something wonderful, a rainbow of delight, woven from the best of me and the best that is yet to come. I feel the river of my life stretching through the strands awaiting to become warp on the loom that is me. And I feel other strands of life’s yarn spinning into the diamond star threads which lovingly woven integrate all of me across the beautiful, wondrous tapestry that is my life.

Blessed be my weaving.

Blessings on my loom.

Hear me, hold me.

Let me begin always in this day anew.


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