What’s your


What’s keeping you up at night?

Where are you stuck?

How have you hit a wall?

In 20 minutes, I’ll open your Akashic Records, ask your ONE QUESTION, and send you a recorded, audio response.

The ONE QUESTION Reading brings you powerful focus to get to the source of your confusion and discover your next step forward.

The ONE QUESTION Reading with Cheryl Marlene


Trying to figure out how to get unstuck can be incredibly challenging.

And frustrating. And frightening. And just too, too much!

Often, you can feel like all you can do is bang your head against the wall — one more time . . . just in case!

I get it because I often have found myself in the energy of Please-God-just-give-me-the-answer . . . NOW!

Many folks who show up at my door are stuck in the same push to figure out and move on.

But they don’t get how to figure it out, solve the problem, or clear the decks.

What makes a difference for them . . . or for you?

A new perspective.

A new way of tackling the issue.

A new understanding of what’s up.

This is exactly what The ONE QUESTION Reading can do for you — give you new information and knowing.

Open your door to a new perspective.

The Reading also will see what, if any, fear is holding you back, where you’re out of alignment, and what resolves your dilemma.

ONE QUESTION. One response. Your path forward.

Shine light on your ONE QUESTION

and get an answer Today!

How does a ONE QUESTION Reading work?


Gotta have a question! Most likely you know exactly what’s pushing at you. What won’t shut up! The thing if you could just take care of it — feels like life will ease up and make sense.

When you book your appointment, you’ll enter your question on the scheduling page.

#2: Schedule a Reading Time

You pick a time in my schedule and complete the form.

Booking this way saves time for me to be able to focus on you and your ONE QUESTION.

#3: I Open Your Akashic Records

At the time of your appointment, I open your Akashic Records and ask your question. As appropriate, I also will add in these points:

  • What’s out of alignment?
  • Is there a fear holding you back?
  • What’s your truth?
  • What’s your next step?

#4 You get an Audio Recording

As I receive, I will make an audio recording of everything which comes forward. Your Reading is 15-20 minutes.

#5: I Send Your Recording

At the close of my day, after making sure that all is right, I will email you a link to download your recording.

You may chose to add an automated transcript which takes up to 24-hours to send.

#6: You Get a New Perspective!

From your Akashic Records, in response to your question will come a new view, new information and knowing . . . and your next step!

And, hopefully, the peace of mind to get a good night’s sleep!

Welcome! I am Cheryl Marlene,

Akashic Mystic, Futurist, and Trailblazer in the Akashic Records

I am passionate about supporting you in your journey to find clarity and feel confident about who you are and who you can become.

One of my superpowers is getting under the surface into the source of a problem, working out the tangled threads, and then explaining in an easy-to-understand manner which hasn’t dumb-downed the energy of what is important to you.

The clear focus of The ONE QUESTION Reading takes advantage of my ability to bring you this clarity concentrated and empowered just for you!

Good to Know!

The ONE QUESTION Reading is $75

All you need do is click the schedule button, pick your time, and give me your question!

If you’d like an automated transcript (about 80% accurate), then add that on when you check out.

Shine light on your ONE QUESTION and get an answer Today!